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hehehe not real . Is an online game my friend sent me to release stress. 


Click on the image above. It will link you to the game. Enjoy!

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Pitches to work on Raya

Everyone is going back hometown, celebrating Raya Holiday (malay's new year). But me and my colleagues were stuck in office for stupid pitches. It always happen specially during end of the year. Ntg could be worse than this coz got 3 pitches in hand this week. Been brainstormming everyday this whole week. Unproductive, chaos, arguement, reviews, critics, sad, depress, excited, silence, stone, blank..... and things still not yet nail down. Big boss don't like the idea and we need to come out more BIG IDEAS.

Oh BIG IDEAS...Read more

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NAme Mr. Ho's new born Baby

Mr Ho is our creative Director. His wife just gave birth to a baby boy. Check out our email content is FUNNY..Lolz

Email notofication from the boss:

**As some of you may know, Adrian Ho's wife delivered their second baby

boy over the weekend (early Sunday morning)! He will be on paternity

leave the next few days but he may pop by a few hours a day (which is

what he did yesterday and today as well). Talk...Read more

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The Animal Gathering & met WU FENG LING!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOO Excited + Happy + Smile like flower growing + Angel Flying + Fairy Dancing !!!!!   Outa control & my fren saw my nick in MSN tot i am insane. HAHA I DUN CARE!!! I AM VERY HAPPY MA!!!!!!!!!

Planned for this gathering since 2 weeks ago. Supposingly is a gathering to celebrate Star Star Birthday. But end up the hype seems is at the end when Jerry promised to bring me to meet his bandmate. HAHAHA YES WU FENG LING, which i blogged about their lau...Read more

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Another red bom

Old people said is good to get married and give birth on boar year. So there goes, this year i received 5 red boms. January is my eldest brother wedding, then march i got 3 from highschool and collegemate, then now another 1 from highschoolmate.

People around more and more moving towards another level of life. I still don't feel much pressure, but when times goes by, i believe i will. Just like those i heard from my older friends or colleagues.

OK bac...Read more

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老友记 。叽哩咕噜吹吹水

This 2 days met lotsa old schoolmate. Today i manage to call few college + uni mate out for Yum Cha (just hang out at  a plc for some drink). Gathered in Pyramid. Pyramid has a brand new look. New wing is half open. About 30-40% shops are still renovating. Is very HUGE mall, if Wai Khong doesn't bring us around, for sure me and pauline will LOST IN THE PYRAIMD .

9pm all attended except Gary who couldn't make it due to family dinner. I change the most on appearence wise for the past 6 months i guess. My hair are ...Read more

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Wu Feng Ling Album Launching & Press Conference

Jerry's band Wu Feng Ling 乌风铃 finally released their album. CONGRATULATION!

I reached Sungei Wang a bit late due to the heavy rain. But i manage to wach majority of the performance. Excellent. All the best!!! Read more

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Ex-sleepnot gathering @ Milwaukee

i am not talking about the heavy metal band. The company i working in is call slipknot.

Majority of the advertising agency are the same i assume. We work day and night. Burn midnight oil frequently to rush pitch or project due. All this are quite a normal thing which most of us expected. But sometimes too much just made us felt sick. Synthoms from looking at the destop too long till i feel like vomiting, sit too long until shouder muscle hurts, wrong sitting posture causes backache. All this happen to most of us the ...Read more

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Nearly got the RM500.. but it just sliped away

Each quarter, our company permanent stuff are compulsary to submit a research / analysis on any good campaign for AAA (Arachnot Acumen Awards (internal Award). This time my report finaly made to the top 3 after 4-5 times submission. So i am suppost to present my research and analysis to the whole company which consist of 40-50 colleagues, on that day itself.

It has been 2 yrs i didn't do any formal presentation, last 1 is during...Read more

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Oh Gosh~ is flu

This whole week is free. Nothing much to rush in the office. Waiting for a brief, knowing we will need to work on a pitch soon. We already pre-brainstorm today. Nothing very exciting. Went home early, had some  junk food and now cause my flu. GGeessss...

I just recovered from my fever not long ago. Now feeling sick again. Shouldn't eat the junk food.  now suffer... can feel body is heaty

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May 10, 2007