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Big Shadow Interactive Wall

This is a piece of amazing new media art from Tokyo. This is not the first time i came across with shadow interaction. But this is amazing because it involved "transformation". A very smooth transfomation and IS HUGE! Other than normal lingo / action scrīpting , technical setup and persistant distance culculation, this involve str...Read more

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You might need to wait a while for it to load. Contains movie clips in the interaction. Definately worth waiting . Been a while since the last time i find an interesting website like this. Simple idea but great excution.

It is not easy to aim. BUT here i give you a TIP.

When the character appears, ...Read more

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Can you characterize ya FINGER?

Sunday afternoon, clowdy day going to rain soon. Remember Albert showed me a youtube video before. Which is very cute and entertaining. i spent some time to search the video in youtube. And did some finger excercise. Hahaha... my finger are like retarded.

I like the 2 below the most.



Video: Read more

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Interesting friend 01 --- Jerry aka Jelly

Saturday, is a lazy weekend. Has been working for the pass whole month none stop. Went back to office even on weekend for urgent job. However everything is done now. Since yesterday onwards i am free. Therefore you can see me submiting entries like insane. WHAT TO DO? I GOT TOO MANY THINGS I WISH TO TELL.

Okay, let's talk about my entry. My cute ex-collegue who is a fantastic drummer. His name is Jerry Soon, he is a dru...Read more

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Today experience another 1st in my life


Today experienced another first.

1st time in my life to incharge a show. Not a big show la. Just small performance in the mall. But at least i manage to help someone. Y(^(00)^)Y

I been to this kinda show with my bf. He helps his mum when there is few show going on at the same time and there is not enough man po...Read more

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Show you my baby

I am happy to announce that my baby is finally lived middle of september 2007. Been working on this alone for the pass 3 months. From mocks, html development. Programming still need a Pro to help me out. However i am happy to see my baby working fine and HEALHTY (BUGLESS) haha....

Of coz there is room of improvement. Will do better next time. This is my first biggest pro...Read more

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My love towards Digi TVC starts here


Clearing up my mail box. Checking through all the enews subscrīption i made and saw this Local ad in Malaysia. I am really entertained. All the while i am not impress by this yellow man. I dun think it is nice...Read more

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Brief Intro

Hi Hi hi, my real name is YenC, buthen i am a bit superstitious, found out my name is not that good for future, therefore found myself a new name ---- RYONG.

Dun ever trust my photos, my brother always says my photo is so fake. Reason, i am so much fatter. coz i know photoshop and might play with angle sometimes, therefor i have some beautiful photo to cheer myself up.

I am a boring web designer in Malaysia. Spending average 14 hours per day in front of the computer. Research, not much, but spend lotsa time on amending stuff for c...Read more

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Give me some time


Finally i am here in AnD. Trying to shift my blog from xanga to here. Give me sometime. I gotto familiarize with the user-interface. If it is userfriendly enough i might shift my photoblog here as well. HAh, damn busy if i need to maintain all the sites... i will go crazy.

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Found something online and got excited

End of last year, i did a website for BMW campaign call BMWshorties 2007. Launch on Dec 2006 and the competition ends around march 2007. Feedback and campaign was a huge success because this is the first ever campaign in Malaysia which depended fully on online media and PR. Which mean no print material involve. Only the website and the PR agency generated some press releases.

There were 70+ entries which is very good. Hype is over now, since is alread...Read more

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