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老友记 。叽哩咕噜吹吹水

This 2 days met lotsa old schoolmate. Today i manage to call few college + uni mate out for Yum Cha (just hang out at  a plc for some drink). Gathered in Pyramid. Pyramid has a brand new look. New wing is half open. About 30-40% shops are still renovating. Is very HUGE mall, if Wai Khong doesn't bring us around, for sure me and pauline will LOST IN THE PYRAIMD .

9pm all attended except Gary who couldn't make it due to family dinner. I change the most on appearence wise for the past 6 months i guess. My hair are ...Read more

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Wu Feng Ling Album Launching & Press Conference

Jerry's band Wu Feng Ling 乌风铃 finally released their album. CONGRATULATION!

I reached Sungei Wang a bit late due to the heavy rain. But i manage to wach majority of the performance. Excellent. All the best!!! Read more

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Ex-sleepnot gathering @ Milwaukee

i am not talking about the heavy metal band. The company i working in is call slipknot.

Majority of the advertising agency are the same i assume. We work day and night. Burn midnight oil frequently to rush pitch or project due. All this are quite a normal thing which most of us expected. But sometimes too much just made us felt sick. Synthoms from looking at the destop too long till i feel like vomiting, sit too long until shouder muscle hurts, wrong sitting posture causes backache. All this happen to most of us the ...Read more

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Nearly got the RM500.. but it just sliped away

Each quarter, our company permanent stuff are compulsary to submit a research / analysis on any good campaign for AAA (Arachnot Acumen Awards (internal Award). This time my report finaly made to the top 3 after 4-5 times submission. So i am suppost to present my research and analysis to the whole company which consist of 40-50 colleagues, on that day itself.

It has been 2 yrs i didn't do any formal presentation, last 1 is during...Read more

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Oh Gosh~ is flu

This whole week is free. Nothing much to rush in the office. Waiting for a brief, knowing we will need to work on a pitch soon. We already pre-brainstorm today. Nothing very exciting. Went home early, had some  junk food and now cause my flu. GGeessss...

I just recovered from my fever not long ago. Now feeling sick again. Shouldn't eat the junk food.  now suffer... can feel body is heaty

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Interesting Friend 03 - Joey Khor (COOL LECTURER)

Back in college, i have this cool, friendly lecturer name Joey Khor. He is the only lecturer who will join us for mamak section and share his ideas and thoughts. He is a talented young man and very COOL GUY. For the first time having lecturer who have tattoo all over his body. My mum though he is a notty boy when she met him on my graduation.   show you his photo. YENG OH~

Read more

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Reactable included in Bjork's world tour

Looking at all this brilliant installation reminds me of college. Where i got a very charming lecturer who are one of the new media artist in malaysia. He shared with us on how he built his first installation called " Shifting Nature". We had a small new media exhibition back in December 2003 in our college. Cheang Lin Yew who is from Hyperthesis Visual Lab, New Zealand ha...Read more

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Big Shadow Interactive Wall

This is a piece of amazing new media art from Tokyo. This is not the first time i came across with shadow interaction. But this is amazing because it involved "transformation". A very smooth transfomation and IS HUGE! Other than normal lingo / action scrīpting , technical setup and persistant distance culculation, this involve str...Read more

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You might need to wait a while for it to load. Contains movie clips in the interaction. Definately worth waiting . Been a while since the last time i find an interesting website like this. Simple idea but great excution.

It is not easy to aim. BUT here i give you a TIP.

When the character appears, ...Read more

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Can you characterize ya FINGER?

Sunday afternoon, clowdy day going to rain soon. Remember Albert showed me a youtube video before. Which is very cute and entertaining. i spent some time to search the video in youtube. And did some finger excercise. Hahaha... my finger are like retarded.

I like the 2 below the most.



Video: Read more

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May 10, 2007