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Insomnia @.@

Feeling tired....  insomnia.... seems like too many things in my head.

2.30 am...raining out side.... is a comfortable night to stay in bed... but i am up here can't sleep...  might be stress.... might be mood swing.... might be too excited about the trip....too many things... i dunno which is causing this....

a bit stone...

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Deep Blue Sea~

I am working throughout the weekend. Went back to office for the pass 2 days due to the pitch. Today's review with big boss is great. Just i am not too sure i can finish all the other mocks for tomorrow reviews.

Coming wednesday i will be away for 2 days. Going for a cruise ride. Is a short vacation for me after awhile since my last holiday in bintan, Indonesia 4 months ago. I am wondering should i bring along my lappie? I can online gaming if there's internet in the middle of the sea. Think again, i should let my eyes rest sin...Read more

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Sushi Go Round!

I always like game about food and restuarant. Dinner Dash is a very good example. I finished the game long time ago. Then i found this from those link my friend sent me. Hahaha i so happy. Cz i just like it so much. see those tiny food also will made me happy.

Should be working on a website mocks now, but end up playing on this game instead. No matter what just, i just wanted share this now.  Drop by the sushi bar if you are free!

This ga...Read more

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Bouncing ingredients in Pizza shop... Doink Doink

The good thing of having a younger colleagues is that you will get to know more fun and cute  games. My supplyer who sat beside me found this cute site about pizza. Have Dunno anything about the site content inside coz is a bunch of letters which i dunno how to pronounce. Image below are the bouncing prawns and Octopus. I like Octopus the most.!!!  ... Doink ....... Doink...... Doink....  

Click this img to play the game. Read more

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We use to write essay regarding our dream. Our goal and occupation. Everything start with," I WISH TO BE... ."

I like to draw and paint since i was a kid. I like colours, enjoyed the proccess, fun and excitement . I am happy to see my improvement and it motivated me to walk on the creative path with confident. Until i met others fresh blood in college. When all the good ones gathered, one will notice he/she is not as good as they thought.

After get to know the differences between painting and desig...Read more

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Bit Bit's Happy Animal Family

Bit Bit drew me this graffiti in facebook. She draw froggy estella, joo joo Ryong, bit bit bunny and mouse mouse jelly. Is so cute and can straight away tell who is who by looking on what they are wearing. The Animal gang use to sit in the same floor same room. Then time seperate us apart dividing us into different floors. Then now se...Read more

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Enchanted Forest @ Singapore

A friend brough back a small gift for on his visit to Singapore lately. It is part of an Installation from National Museum of Singapore. It is free, is a pcs of A2 size artcard with some printed stuff on it. Sounds boring huh, until you see what it can transform into.

1) i got this, printed material on a A2 size of white artcard with instruction. Read more

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Looking back some old photos from UK. Left UK 2 years now. Thought Albert will share about his study life there & keep me update. Who knows, he M.I.A. Never see him online for quite sometimes. I dun dare to disturb him even i sees him online. He seems so busy.

Found few photos that me and my friends took in front of Adidas shop in Birmingham. Missing them. When can i do such thing again?

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hehehe not real . Is an online game my friend sent me to release stress. 


Click on the image above. It will link you to the game. Enjoy!

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Pitches to work on Raya

Everyone is going back hometown, celebrating Raya Holiday (malay's new year). But me and my colleagues were stuck in office for stupid pitches. It always happen specially during end of the year. Ntg could be worse than this coz got 3 pitches in hand this week. Been brainstormming everyday this whole week. Unproductive, chaos, arguement, reviews, critics, sad, depress, excited, silence, stone, blank..... and things still not yet nail down. Big boss don't like the idea and we need to come out more BIG IDEAS.

Oh BIG IDEAS...Read more

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