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Time Lapse

Launched youtube and foudn this on the featured video section. Reminds me of a video i saw in Tate Gallery, London 2 yrs back. Is Halloween so the Pumkin grabed my attention. Halloween is over, You can try to DIY a video like this.  looks fun & interesting.



This reverse time lapse are interesting too.

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Second meaning behind certain christian name + sur name

Anne Chang ( Mandarin )- Dirty

Anne Chin ( Mandarin ) - Keep quiet

Faye Chen ( Mandarin ) - Dusty

Carl Cheng ( Hokkien ) - Buttock

Monica Cheng ( Hokkien ) - Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow ( Hokkien ) - You are dead

Jane Tan ( Mandarin ) - Frying eggs

Suzie Leow ( Hokkien ) - Lost till death

Henry Mah ( Mandarin ) - Hate your mum

Corrine Tai ( Hokkien ) - Poor fellow

Paul Chan ( Mandarin ) - Bankrupt

Nelson Tan ( M...Read more

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G00d By3 to Estella & Keris

2 colleagues left the company this week. Estella who is one from the @nimal gang member left the company on monday. Another is Keris who use to be my freelance flash programmer. Then he joined my sister company. I worked with him quite often before and after he joined. Now he is leaving, i felt a little bit sad.

Halloween suppose to be fun and happy. Unfortunately the atmosphere right now mixed a little bit of bitter and sweet. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with them. They were both very friendly and ...Read more

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FFFOK Shelf looks COoL~

Jook Khai sent me this & it is Very cooL. Both of us thought of DIY 1 shelf like this. He suggested that he come out with the copy and i do the design. Then i said I go buy the material and he fix it. Hahahaha... I dun think it will really gonna happen but i believe will be very interesting to have this at home. Mayb with some word which more inspiring.

Farking Far From OK shelf.

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071029 Mas Wing Photoshoot

Mas Wing got new press insert soon. The creative is done by Chok Yan my creative head. He bring me along to this photoshoot. It is only a small photoshoot in a small shoplot. 1st i tot will be something like Bash Studio or Yuppie Yaya studio. Unfortunately it ended up is not like what i imagine. However, i am still excited and spent whole day in the studio with them. Learned something new and definately a great exposure. Choky  told me lots of things about art directing & I wish i could follow chocky to few more photoshoot. Hop...Read more

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071025 PONTENG!

Ponteng means skip work. Hahaha is my annual leave la. I took a day leave, went to KL for a day tour with chee way's sister and his sister's fiance. Went to Thean Hou Gong (temple), Sentral Market, complexe Anexe. TIRED TIRED TIRED!! The sun is so WARM!!!!! I'm melted.

Xiao Wei is a semi pro photographer. Her shot is so natural. haha she took few of my shot. No doubt she got very good skill compare to any of my friend. IF i am 10 Kg slimmer, I believe the photos will be very nice.

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A Catch up on my Cruise Ride

Last Wednesday cruise ride was alright. Stayed on board for abt 15 hours. The cruise name is Wasa Queen, it is not as big as i imagine. It got only 8 floors.

We were onboard since 6pm. But the cruise only departed at 10pm. We walked around the cruise and took  photos!!! We also manage to take a photo with a cute cabin crew. He is ...Read more

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Life in 1500

*Hahhaa got this forwarded mail from a colleague which might make u laugh.

The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the  water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the1500s:

These are interesting...

Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and still smelled pretty good by June. However, they were starting to smell, so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odours.   Hence the custom tod...Read more

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TOmorrow is my holiday.... but due to the presentation postponed. And we having final tweak on our creatives, so now... 1.30am... still stuck in office.

This afternoon we had review with big boss from 2pm - 6pm. AN SUPER DOOPER Long review. Where tons of feedback where given and some of our bullet prove's vast also can't handle the critics. However, my part is ok. Just a colleague's creative gotto redo almost everything.  IS DISASTER!

Just finish my creatives and handover...Read more

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Congratulation to a good friend

Got a good friend informed me that she is going to get marry next year. Date sets on 15 September 2008. I am happy and excited for her. She is very pretty girl and i am excited to see her on her wedding gown. CONGRATULATION!

She asked me to become her sister. Hehe I am very excited to.... think gonna start dieting again. Cause after brother's wedding, i just swallow everything into my stomach without thinking too much about the calories and etc. Too tired on holding back when see something i like ...Read more

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