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Agency Fusion's Make My Logo Bigger Mock-u-mercial is so funny. Sales product are as follow.

  • Make my logo bigger cream

  • white space eliminator

  • starburst dust (to make your ad standout / shout)

  • florescencer (adding more colour to the design)

  • the emotionator + human emotional driver (touch the very soul of the target market)<...Read more

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Bittergourd Restaurant

Yesterday me and ex-arachnot had a yummy dinner together to celebrate Jook's belated birthday. We went to this interesting Bittergourd restaurant where they have a list of dishes which cook with bittergourd. It is consider teow chew dishes. Below is the list of their dishes. They have few bittergourd drinks.  Then Jook keep on bugging me get him a bittergourd cake.  i said after i eat i go toilet bake for him. Read more

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Swallon eyeball

saturday i stayed at home online, blog, read novel and sleep. Only went out for dinner then come back home. Eyes is not comfortable after that. Did rub it. But i tot is not a big deal. After a while i am tired so i went to bed early.

Then woke up at 1.30am. I felt my left eye is swallon. Is not the eyelid. Is my EYEBALL!!!  I dunno what happen. First time facing this problem. I check my eye in front the mirror, saw the white colour area on the left side of my left eye is swallon. Can't f...Read more

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i M a Big Head Prawn (x(00)x)

Deepavali is also known as Light festival for the indian. Tomorrow is Deepavali, is a public holiday in Malaysia. To avoid going back to office on a public holiday, i ended up stayed in office until 2am++ in the morning to finish up my mockup for client.

Revise mock presentation for McD is excellent. Client love it. However we still need to wait until next tuesday for the final comfirmation. Just now i rushed a mockup to pass to the client on friday, so they could propose to the upper management for approval and funding....Read more

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Say the Colour not the word!

Came across this creative and find it very interesting. Could u say it correctly? This is about the way our brains are wired for language and visual perception. Is much more easier to recognize the word. How about you?


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F!ng F!ng Hah ahhh~~ F!ng F!ng Hah ahhh~~~~

Wooo Hahaha... McDull is so entertaining.

Come S!ng " Hai Gam F!ng F!ng Hah~~ Ni yao F!ng F!ng HAH~~~"  

Shake Shake ya hand & Shake Shake ya body!!! hahaha... lalalalala   Video: http://hk.youtube.com/wa...Read more

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Boss Birthday! Nyek Nyek Nyek

Today is big boss Birthday. We supposingly to give him a suprise. But he notice it... coz we all got too excited and make lotsa noise outsite his room. HAHAHAHA...However we all enjoyed the Chocolate banana cake. Me and Chee Heng took some photos. After work i got into the mood to collage few photo together for fun.

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Kancil 2007 4As Advertising Award Ceremony


Fearless is the theme for this year Kancil award. Suddenly i felt like it has became this year trend of being brave and fearless . Diesel is runing the campaign BRAVE and Kancil is running the theme Fearless......However goes back to my story.

  Read more

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The Imaging Magician

Today i heard the McDonald pitch presentation went on very well. In the afternoon, since nothing much to do until next briefing on coming monday. Therefore i followed Chok Yan and Victoria to Colour seperator office to check out how they work over there.

Reached Far East at 3pm and waited there until 6pm. I see how they adjust the colour layer by layer and part by part. For a single human img, they will mask out each part to create selection, then adjust the colour level. Just a simple face, they will blow up until few hundred pe...Read more

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Festive Element found on branding

Every year during Festive season, you might be able to spot some interesting element or story created around on some digital branding. This is what i spotted this year.


I like the one from youtube. It is simple, nice, clean and straight forward. Read more

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