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Working Saturday

OKOK... another horrible weekend where we gotto meet up for brainstorm. MEANS HAVE TO WORK!!!!!!  Then Choky our head decided to shift the vanue to Ikea cafe rather than boring office. SO here we are 2.30pm at Ikea opposite the Curve.

Basically we are all STONE. Silence.... Bird flying and rounding above our head..... blank..... Come on is SATURDAY and i should be still rolling on my bed. Watching movie.. listening to music... gaming... AAAWWWWWW~~~ but we are here.... in IKEA...

C...Read more

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Imee's Birthday

Yesterday was Imee's 27th birthday. So me and colleagues decided to buy her CAKES. Have you ever see a Birthday cake like this? Is a total of 9 different flavours. Hahaha let me introduce you to:-

**1. Classic Cheese Cake

  1. Marble Cheese Cake

  2. Lemon Cheese Cake

  3. Oreo Cheese Cake

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Singapore Chirstmas Trip

7.30am 27 Dec 2007, still stuck in office waiting mocks approval. Whole creative team were here whole night. Now left me and another colleague stand-by to make changes.. Waiting could be very tiring and sleepy so i decided to continue blogging... hehe

My Christmas Trip to Singapore was great. I manage to meet up with few Uni friends ...Read more

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X'mas Presents!!!

Hello Hello, i have been M.I.A for sometimes. Yesterday just came back from Singapore for my Christmas holiday. I had a wonderful time. Happy meeting all my Uni friends and very excited abt my ride on a volkswagen beetle. However i will blog about it when i tidy up my photos, soon... mayb tomorrow or weekend.


BIG "FAT CHOY" Mahjong mobile holder

26th Dec back to work after Christmas. Saw a BIG "FAT CHOY" Mahjong mobile holder on my table attached with a letter. I saw a big AUNTIE YENC writ...Read more

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Do Some Good for this COming Christmas

Help people can always put a smile on your face and their face. Give them hope by just insert the coin into the slot from the website above. Then Enjoy the beautiful animation!



Click on the img above to launch the site.

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Jogoya Japanese Buffet with the NERDS

Monday i joined The Nerds went to KL StarHill JOGOYA Japanese buffet for supper. We start our section from 10.15PM till 1230am. We reached there at 930pm, but due to promotion period where ladies is getting 50% off and men will get a special giant prawn set. Therefore, all reservation is fully book. Even we booked, we still have to Q for an hour.

However a total of 16 of us went. i spend RM50 only +P.....Such a coincident, we were sitting in a room call "CREATIVE"

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Santa is not allowed to say HO HO HO





Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday.  

Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported.

One disgruntled Santa told the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho ho" because it could frighten...Read more

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Food could be so CUTE & FUN

I always like food. I felt happy when i see nice and yummy food. Sometimes my colleagues even made fun of me. Saying use 2 chicken drum stick could attract me to do anything for them . However, is true that nice & yummy food could make me happy. HOw Terrible.

I received some forward email where food could looks cute and fun. I believe they purposely made this to attract kids, to make them finish the...Read more

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Arachknot Swingers | Go-Kart

Swingers Swingers Swingers!!! After january Paint Ball game which i missed due to my brother's wedding, it has been a long long time without any excitement for swinger's club - Arachknot sports club. Last Sunday, early morning 930am, drove all the way down to Sunway Xtreme Park for GO-KART!

Is my first time playing go-kart. I am super dooper excited and a bit scare as well coz we gotto sign an agreement saying if any accident happen, we can't sue the park. Scary~~ means it is a


...Read more
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Christmas Carol are all around the town!

Shopping mall is decorated with christmas deco to welcome the coming Christmas. I rememberlast year Mid Valley had this HUGE candy land. I saw little bit's photos and i love the lollipop hanged on the christmas tree....is so Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kind. Love it so much.

This year so far, i LOVE 1 Utama new wing Christmas Deco. And their Christmas weekend performance is "STUNNING". The sound of drum and trumpet of this African marching band performance reaches every corner of new wing. ...Read more

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