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Men Only Want Sex and Their Freedom

WARNING: READ before you REACT. People who make assumptions based on the TITLE of an article and not its CONTENT, and then leave nasty comments, only show the world how IGNORANT THEY ARE. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but leaving comments when you haven't even bothered to read the article, shows the world your ignorance. READ before you REACT.***
Every day thousands of women get dumped by good men, and never understand why.> Cosmo  and  Glamour  magazine...Read more

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Why everyone also want a piece of me? Am so tired and frustrated

Really felt exhausted. I have been doing everyone's job! 
A lot of it really a waste of time as long the person willing to read! 
other than lazy i have nothing to say. Am really squeezing me dry. 
Oh Gosh! really fedup on this job!!! 

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How far can we go?

Good question. How far can we go? I don't dare to guess. Because i know my believe, my confident and my everything has been loosing bit by bit over the year. 

Today, i spent my whole day in kitchen baking cookies and tried new recipe. I am trying to be stress free and i am trying to conceive. But all the hard work went down the drain. The complain and way of saying, the no appreciation of me standing whole day in kitchen trying to make you something delicious have hurt me.

You complain saying i cannot accept th...Read more

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Lauren Wasser 29yrs old, A strong woman

Her name is Lauren Wasser, 29yrs old. She was born in a modeling family. By the age of 2, she already on Vogue Italy Cover shot with her mom. Grown up with other super model like Cindy Crawford. She have 180cm, a basketball player with scholarship. Then by age 20, she decided to join modeling.  Before 24, she is a happy gay, bright future, life is full of excitement and hope.

Unfortunately bu Oct 2012, a stick of Kotex tampon made her infected TSS. Fever causing her organ failure. Her mom are preparing her...Read more

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Kimi no Na wa

This Anime is really good and touching. Love the twist on the time lapse and the storyline. Nothing tangible or intangible. Left nothing at all!!! Except a feeling. A believe, a love that is true. 

Watch here

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50 歲以後,不要自做多情,每一點都很現實!
如果自己有閒錢,就看美景、享美食,充分享受社會回饋給我們的美 好生活,彌補我們這一代的缺失,找回失去的自我。

不能把「幸福晚年」寄託在兒女身上,而是要根據自身的條件和社會 的現實,
常言「久病床前無孝子」,要有自度難關的準備,要與子女保持一定 的距離,

別把親情看得太重,別再牽動太多的親情,到了人老沒用的時候, 親情已經對你敬而遠之。

少說「是」,多說「不」。有壓力和負擔的事情別去做,少為自己安 排固定時間的固定任務。
不要去管「別人的事」,別操心 「老天爺的事」。 ...Read more

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人生3種朋友:肯借錢給...Read more

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