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Today experience another 1st in my life


Today experienced another first.

1st time in my life to incharge a show. Not a big show la. Just small performance in the mall. But at least i manage to help someone. Y(^(00)^)Y

I been to this kinda show with my bf. He helps his mum when there is few show going on at the same time and there is not enough man power.

Maybe due to Ramadhan. Most complex are having shows to entertain the shoppers. So they asked for my help.

I was there alone to make sure everything starts ontime and no x-factor. Happy everythign goes on fine!

This year stage design is quite nice. Elegant and interesting. Is much better than last year where they place a big congkak in front the stage. Is so weird. This year they placed a long curvy bench for audience to sit. Is more practical and nice.

I wonder will they reuse the bench during CNY, i got this feeling they might. hahaha... let's wait and see.



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