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Show you my baby

I am happy to announce that my baby is finally lived middle of september 2007. Been working on this alone for the pass 3 months. From mocks, html development. Programming still need a Pro to help me out. However i am happy to see my baby working fine and HEALHTY (BUGLESS) haha....

Of coz there is room of improvement. Will do better next time. This is my first biggest project in hand. Official McDonald Malaysia Website 2007.

I am very happy working on McDonald's stuff. I developed Mini Cooper Owner's portal last year. Although the nature of the brand were both fun, but is aiming at a total different of segment target. I enjoy working on McD much much more. Mayb i personaly loves food a lot. There fore, by looking at food shot already can make me happy. Some might say, "don't you feel hungry easily always looking at the yummy food?" Errmm... frankly, no. Same theory applies to those who sell food, they won't feel like eating it. Buthen they are sure enjoying it.  

Do you feel my happiness?

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