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Lauren Wasser 29yrs old, A strong woman

Her name is Lauren Wasser, 29yrs old. She was born in a modeling family. By the age of 2, she already on Vogue Italy Cover shot with her mom. Grown up with other super model like Cindy Crawford. She have 180cm, a basketball player with scholarship. Then by age 20, she decided to join modeling.  Before 24, she is a happy gay, bright future, life is full of excitement and hope.

Unfortunately bu Oct 2012, a stick of Kotex tampon made her infected TSS. Fever causing her organ failure. Her mom are preparing her funeral, doctor are issueing crucial illness notice. Lauren was recovered few times from death. But it caused her lower left leg and toes.

As an athletic and modeling, losing her leg are losing both of her goal in life. Suicidal though came across few times as a sense of relief. She manage to walk out from it by "love".

Lauren's girl friend Jennifer Rovero is a photographer. She always like to capture Lauren through her lens. After amputation, Lauren avoid her camera. But Jennifer did  not give up. She wanted to let Lauren knows, losing a leg does not mean losing her beauty. Slowly, Lauren finally gain her confidence and accepted her new form of appearance. Started to initiate, asked Jennifer to shoot her amputated leg.

Losing a leg does not make her let go of her dream as a model. She bravely shown her fake leg and once again appear on magazine shot. A young, confident and energetic appearance with her "gold leg" has become her icon. As a result, brands like Nike also attracted by her and invite her to be in the ad. She also appear on New York Fashion week, walk on the high fashion walk way for Chromat. At the same time, she also resume basketball.

Now Lauren's established a fund for the awareness towards TSS and also help those who need help after TSS.

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