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Interesting friend 01 --- Jerry aka Jelly

Saturday, is a lazy weekend. Has been working for the pass whole month none stop. Went back to office even on weekend for urgent job. However everything is done now. Since yesterday onwards i am free. Therefore you can see me submiting entries like insane. WHAT TO DO? I GOT TOO MANY THINGS I WISH TO TELL.

Okay, let's talk about my entry. My cute ex-collegue who is a fantastic drummer. His name is Jerry Soon, he is a drummer for a local band call Kings & Kueens . I always can't remember the spelling. Been googling it using "KINGS & QUEENS", definately no result found. Until lately i saw his friends comment in his Friendster. Then only i manage to search more info online.

Bra bra, Jerry (drummer that i am talking about), me, bit bit and Rae infront with my piglet.

Miss them, we use to work together, how FUN =<

Jerry is a very good bench mark for me. He is very friendly, multi-talent and hardworking. He is a passionate multimedia designer. Never see him get frustrated in office (i gotto learn from him a lot. My EQ damn low. Always get frustrated easily and i know it is not a good thing if i wish to have a higher achievement). Now he owns an online company. Although the scale is not big but his 2 partners are all real good on what they are doing. They are my idols. Some good in music, photography, art, scrīpting..... how i wish i could be as good as them.

Other than the career he owns for living, he actively involve in his band. No matter how busy he is, i will still see him sparing time for his band practice. Here is their song i found in youtube. I personaly thinks the music video is nothing experimental as mention. But their song is definately good. Was a hit in Malaysia back in year 2005. The first time i see their performance was 2006 New Year Eve countdown performance at KLCC.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMZq7YJw1Vc

Since last year, he joined another local chinese band call " WU FENG LING" aka 乌风铃. After listening to the mp3 in their friendster fan club. I was attracted to the vocal performance. I dunno how to judge good song or bad song bacause i am a person who can say is a idiot towards music. I can't understand a song lyrics until i read it on paper. All the while i only listen to rhythom. For me, if the song is comfortable to listen to, won't get bored with it after listening to it for awhile, then it is a good song.

I am not a music person in the old times. I started to listen to music daily started early 2007. I am too tension and always stress due to my workload. Been facing some sleeping problem and get tense easily in office. Then one day i started to listen to music, i felt much mroe comfortable and become more happy during work so this has turn into a habit.

Okay back to my story. Lately meet him up for some business and found out that his band is going to release an album. WOOHOOOO~~~ haha i also become excited. Ah forgive me, i am a person who get happy and sad easily. Lolz... he share lots of studio shot with me. SO COOL. Here are some i grab from their friendster fan club. Sorry la can't share other's because their album still not yet release. but SOON! hehe excited.

I asked him for the mp3, buthen he refuse to give me. Understandable. They are releasing album soon, so i should get their album and support them. Then the other day i went to his office to pass him something. Then he happily invite me to see FeiBi MV rehersal. FeiBi is a TV program host. She has released album lately. And Jerry's friend is directing her MV. So that day, all the talent were gather at the studio to try on their outfit and practising the dance. HAhaha is fun and lotsa funny scenario. Can't capture any nice shot throught still image. Don't worry, i grabbed a scene from the video clip i recorded.

Is interesting. I never been any official shot before. I only been to empty studio. And now giving me this opportunity to see it. Ahh... i could say is exciting. I came home happily telling my mum the story and who i met. Then tell my friends in MSN. HAha but my friend dun wanna entertain me. .........  haha as usual... i got excited too easily, that's why people don't wanna entertain me.

Here is the end of my special friend 01. Soon i will feature another interesting friend. Haha.. shit i find myself enjoying so much here writing about my friend. hhmmm.... my live is not as boring as i think after all huh. Interesting friend bringing me different kinda experience and excitement. Am i insane? Am i odd? Weird.... lost... haha i lost in my very own land again. Ignore me.

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