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How far can we go?

Good question. How far can we go? I don't dare to guess. Because i know my believe, my confident and my everything has been loosing bit by bit over the year. 

Today, i spent my whole day in kitchen baking cookies and tried new recipe. I am trying to be stress free and i am trying to conceive. But all the hard work went down the drain. The complain and way of saying, the no appreciation of me standing whole day in kitchen trying to make you something delicious have hurt me.

You complain saying i cannot accept the critic and i got issue when i close my ears and also dont know how to talk. Oh gosh, why a simple try out recipe need to be like 5 stars michelin food test? I am enjoying my food preparation and exploration. But end up this discouragement is sucks. After working like shit dog over pass 12 years can't i give myself a holiday? 

Can't i do what i like, play y stupid pokemon and you mind your own shit? You go do your art and meet your friend. Why want to critic me? I didn't blardy steps on your shit. Keep me blardy out of it!

You are the 1 complain about my food. Then bumping in mid valley like a lost soul. Ignoring your friend! Why put the blame on me? Is not my friend who i got to entertain! is yours! why can't i play my pokemon? Why making simple thing become so complicated?

Your question, "I dont see our future! You are not the person i use to knew." Good 1, i am tired of being the old me. I wanna slag, dont i have the rights? I didnt use your money. I pay for my share of food, electric, water, internet in this house. I pay extra money to your folks when you dont event know. I handled all your mom's quotation and accounts when she request. What did i get? I spent my own time to do your stuff. What did i earn? Your complain! Where is the sense of appreciation?

Good job, what future do i see? Yeah, definitely not bright. Congrats you have your own clientel and things turning good for you. Happy for you. But as a reminder to myself. Girl, remember tonight! Remember that he complained you are round, you are smelly, lazy shit. Remember all that. This man is blind and only see appearance. Appearance is fake and it wouldn't last. if he holds this perspective, i dont see we can go far. so girl, be prepare for any shit coming ahead. 

For pass 13 years i did not ever complain anything about you physically. Unfortunately, you have complained me more than i can count. is depressing. 

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