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Found something online and got excited

End of last year, i did a website for BMW campaign call BMWshorties 2007. Launch on Dec 2006 and the competition ends around march 2007. Feedback and campaign was a huge success because this is the first ever campaign in Malaysia which depended fully on online media and PR. Which mean no print material involve. Only the website and the PR agency generated some press releases.

There were 70+ entries which is very good. Hype is over now, since is already end of 2007. Today i am so free and into the mood on writing & surfing, i googled about bmwshorties. Suprisingly, i found a student from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) blog about the BMWshorties screening. I spotted the banner they holding printed the 10 banner i created for the finalist.

Our task is to create the online creatives only. But when i see them using my creation for Shorties 2nd phase last year, i just got so excited. Wanted to note down to keep myself motivated. Hahaha (^(00)^)

Is not my glory, i just shiok sendiri la (malaysian english - meaning happy and excited). I still remember when i received the 70++ DVD submission, i was like AHH....  the submission requirement never mention abt movie poster, so i gotto create all the 10 movie poster from scratch.....  i spend 1 whole day watching the short films again and again. To capture some interesting scene for their movie poster. I watch until i can almost memorise all the plot for each shorties. Fun to watch only once, but not AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN.

However, job is done. Client is happy. My boss is happy. And i am happy too. Although no one notice who is the person doing all this job behind. Everyone were just toking about the director or about the short film. But i do felt happy seeing client happy on our creatives.

Does that poster count as my creative? half of my creative? 10%? HAhaha i Dunno man... a bit of confusion going on... but i created the poster.... hahaha  whatever, not important for others. Just happy here.

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hhahaha!!! I SEE THE MONKEY!!!!!!! GREAT JOB GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!
over 13 years ago
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wah u are fast neh adel, i was just amending my post. Now see ya reply... cool cool hehe
over 13 years ago


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