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Hi Hi hi, my real name is YenC, buthen i am a bit superstitious, found out my name is not that good for future, therefore found myself a new name ---- RYONG.

Dun ever trust my photos, my brother always says my photo is so fake. Reason, i am so much fatter. coz i know photoshop and might play with angle sometimes, therefor i have some beautiful photo to cheer myself up.

I am a boring web designer in Malaysia. Spending average 14 hours per day in front of the computer. Research, not much, but spend lotsa time on amending stuff for client. Or i am a slow poke, i dunno..... Where do i hang around? Friendster, multiply, xanga, youtube, emails.....

can see i have a lifeless life here.... need to have a change huh.. too unhealthy right now.

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