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Big Shadow Interactive Wall

This is a piece of amazing new media art from Tokyo. This is not the first time i came across with shadow interaction. But this is amazing because it involved "transformation". A very smooth transfomation and IS HUGE! Other than normal lingo / action scrīpting , technical setup and persistant distance culculation, this involve strong 3D skill.    

 Is so cool and fun to play with, just see how the public reacted to it! If i got the change, i believe i will be jumping, poking, kicking on the busy street.  

BRAVO!!!! APPLAUSE!!! Ya they just won GOLD CYBER LION, CANNES LION recently!!!!

Check out what shape the shadow can form into on ground!

This is the website where user can navigate the shadow from home!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBdOI810Loo

Can see more video here.

Their official site which they talking about is here, but i dunno Japanese so quite hard for me to understand how to navigates it.

Or you can see the demo on how people interact through the website here.

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