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Yandy Yot

My Art Temptation (M.A.T.).

My Art Temptation (M.A.T.) is a brand new Paint Jamming and Creative Art Studio found by four after 80s passionate youngsters who devoted to promote Creative Art and Artistic Culture.  In addition to the freestyle art creation and paint jamming, M.A.T. provides a platform for the interactions of different forms of art.  We hope to cooperate with different art lovers in bringing creativity and artistry into the community.

G/F Shop, 15 Dragon Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong


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The Tonno - Grand Opening!

so happy to be the official photographer for The Tonno Grand Opening~

wht a huge place~ 3 floors! very cool! The Tonno is in Wanchai!

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Antipasto Magazine!!

everyone! pls support our new magazine~ Antipasto Magazine





Stimulate ideas, inspire you and provide a platform for creativity.

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Long Vacation in New Zealand...

hey~ anyone~ i am in Christchurch, New Zealand right now, here is so comfortable, no stress, not crowded~ just a bit shakey=.=...... last monday, 6.0 aftershock hit christchurch, i am glad that i am still alive, i was on the street alone, quite scared=.=

i have been here around 1 month, the ppl in christchurch, they are simple and very nice! they smile a lot, its a big difference with hong kong... i feel safe and comfortable to live in here...

The city center is closed after the earthquake in Feb, thats bad... i could not go to the best restaurant and club in christchurch~

I hope the city will open asap!! and no more big earthquake! pls~~~~

finger cross~ xx

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Hong Kong Sevens 2011

this is my first time watching Hong Kong Sevens!!!!

It was AMAZING!!!!! i wore Policewoman costume! hahahaha!! do i look good with it? haha!

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New Karaoke in Hong Kong!! RED MR!!!!!!!!!

everyone in Hong Kong~

A new Karaoke place for us to sing and have fun!!!!  RED MR!!! YEAH!!!!!!

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New Media - Artist in Residence 2010

The residency project ─ "Interacting for the Sake of Interaction" aims to arouse the public's interest in art, encourage creation among those who are new to art and its many forms. To carry out this process, the duo will initiate a series of personalized new media installations, performances and workshops to free the artistic expression, and making this available to the wider public. Through a series of new media themed activities and events, they will offer the public an opportunity to experience being an artist-for-a-day, and begin to stimulate their potential to be imaginative and inventive ─ free from the many restrictions of everyday life.

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The Makingof _ 陳思彤VIVI "千江有水" MV

VIVI~~~ I am so happy to be your photographer for yr new music video~

you did a great job!! and i like yr hair style! :)




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Halloween 2010!!

I had so much fun this year!!!!!!

the alivenotdead party was AMAZING!!!!!!


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Dead Not Alive Halloween Party 2010

WOW!!!!!!!! lets get dressing up! hahaa! i am still thinkin wht should dress..... :3

everyone, come and have fun together!!!!!!!!!

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