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We Are Looking for Affiliates!

Because we are launching the website, we are asking our favorite film and music website hangouts, in any language from around the globe, if they'd be interested in becoming YAM Magazine's affiliates. For launch of the site, the first 3 months would give Affiliates ad space on our humongous Ad Banner ( check the sneak peek), as well as a place on our list of Affiliates (duh!) - FOR FREE!  We just want a link back, as well as a special announcement when we launch the site. If you're interested, hit us back with an email to yam [at] yam-mag.com with the following info:Site NameURLLogo/Specific high resolution movie/music/tv show still that you'd likeif you don't know what photo, we can choose for ya ;)Anyway, that is all! Barely two weeks to work on all this stuff!! Nerve-racking!

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Attention all musicians/groups/bands/actors/filmmakers/artists ! YAM Magazine is free region, and we'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in getting


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November 21, 2010