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New Year Greetings + Updates!

Hey, there YAMmies~So this is it, 2010 is almost over O_O shocking how surprisingly fast it went by.Besides our last planned post of the year for "Top5 Entertainment Wishes for 2011," we've got a batch of posts for you to keep updated with~Amy, from Creative Melancholic, picks her Top10 posters of 2010 movies:Part 1Part 2Uzaigaijin reviewed Lily Chou Chou's (aka. Salyu) stage comeback.And Amy, not from CM, picked her own, non-repetitive, 10 poster highlights of 2010.Also check the Best Actress Oscar race discussion.As for reviews, we've got:Roxanne Morales talking about:Visual Kei girl band, Exist Trace's debut Twin Gate.Latin-fused hip-hopers, Calle 13 with Entren los que Quieran.and Visual Kei rocker, guitar-slapping Miyavi with his re-debut (or comeback) What's my Name?.Julyssa delivers:The on-going review for K-drama Gloria.K-drama Mary Stayed Out All Night.and gushes over G-Dragon and TOP.Ghost Writer (s) talks about:Yoji Yamada's About her Brother.Get LowFirst mainstream lesbain/bi Hong Kong romcom dramedy, All About Love.Quiet sci-fi drama, Never Let Me Go.And drama dark comedy, Rabbit Hole.While Amy takes on...Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.and Disney princesses in Tangled.(She keeps telling us to not think of her as lame).Anyway, that's all we've got for you to catch up. Don't forget, leave us a comment! We're starving for attention!We hope you had a wonderful holiday, and are kicking it this weekend for an awesome 2011~~~--YAM Magazine Team

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November 21, 2010