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Brand New Feature + Reviews + New MVs

Hello, there pretty peoples~Long time no see~~~ here's what we've been up to!First, for Valentines - the staff mostly hates the saccharine season, but we've come up with a list of movies:FIVE UNLIKELY ROMANCES FOR 2011′S VALENTINE’S DAYWe've also rolled out our new YAM feature... our Beginner's Guide lists, in which we will put together a list of films/shows/albums to get you started on genres or any topic~We started with Cinema Fanatic's own Oldfilmsflicker's Beginner's Guide to Silent Films.And Jenna's Beginner's Guide to Indian Cinema.In the reviews section, we've got our thoughts on The Green HornetThe King's Speech (Best Picture nom),  Blue Valentine127 Hours (Best Picture nom), and  The Fighter (Best Picture nom).In the music video section, don't miss out on~~~  GD&TOP - Baby Good NightChris Lee - PrologueMonkey Majik - Dream WorldThose Dancing Days - I'll Be Yours, and Telepathy - Fantastic Love.Please leave a comment saying you stopped by, and browse through much of our content.Happy browsing~

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Attention all musicians/groups/bands/actors/filmmakers/artists ! YAM Magazine is free region, and we'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in getting


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November 21, 2010