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Brand New Feature + Reviews + New MVs

Hello, there pretty peoples~Long time no see~~~ here's what we've been up to!First, for Valentines - the staff mostly hates the saccharine season, but we've come up with a list of movies:FIVE UNLIKELY ROMANCES FOR 2011′S VALENTINE’S DAYWe've also rolled out our new YAM feature... our Beginner's Guide lists, in w...Read more

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Check out the VCinema Contest!

Our friends at VCinema are turning 1-year-old this month with their podcast, in which they will be discussing one Asian filmmaker's trilogy.You only need to guess who they're going to discuss! LOLThere's only one hint as to who it is! Check it out here.In the meantime, here's what's been up in YAM Magazine:ROXY reviewed:IMMI's Switchand Read more

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New Year Greetings + Updates!

Hey, there YAMmies~So this is it, 2010 is almost over O_O shocking how surprisingly fast it went by.Besides our last planned post of the year for "Top5 Entertainment Wishes for 2011," we've got a batch of posts for you to keep updated with~Amy, from Creative Melancholic, picks her Top10 posters of 2010 movies:Part 1Read more

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Lily's Comeback Concert Review

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTlH-4tt9VoCourtesy of Uzaigaijin~Cheers!

Head over here

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Interview with Jae-Hyuck Choi from Korean Rock Band Yellow Monster

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY5yqjhQ-W8

Check out the interview here.

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TRON: Legacy + Other Film Reviews

Here are some of our latest film reviews ;O As we're still uploading most content from our PDF issues~~~ we haven't been able to watch many films >,<First, our very own Ghost Writer takes on:For Colored GirlsOtouto/About her BrotherAmy takes on:TRON: Legacy - and Read more

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YAM Magazine Highlights

Hey, everyone! Now that yam-mag.com is active, this is what we've been doing:- Horrorific films - Wanna know what those are?- A Decade of Ryan Murphy's WB Popular- Update coverage of the 2010 Stockholm Film Festival- Our new Read more

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YAM Magazine Website Launch!

Hello, YAMmies!

It's Dec.15 2010!!!!! It's time to unveil the 

YAM Magazine website, which we've been working on for the last couple of months.

What is 

YAM you ask? YAM Magazine is a Region Free online magazine that focuses on reviewing anything related to entertainment around the world. Be it films, music, tv shows, and even events – if YAM Magazine can get their hands on something to watch, to listen to, to read or to attend t...Read more

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We Are Looking for Affiliates!

Because we are launching the website, we are asking our favorite film and music website hangouts, in any language from around the globe, if they'd be interested in becoming YAM Magazine's affiliates. For launch of the site, the first 3 months would give Affiliates ad space on our humongous Ad Banner ( check the sneak peek), as well as a place on our list of Affiliates (duh!) - ...Read more

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YAM Magazine + K-RoK Rocks Set to Interview Yellow Monsters?

We sure hope so!! K-RoK is scheduling an interview with Korean rockers Yellow Monster. Feels like something exciting~~~ Now I really REALLY need some “western-y” exclusive content like this. xDOfficial welcome to Kamala-chan of K-RoK Rocks~~~ xD

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Attention all musicians/groups/bands/actors/filmmakers/artists ! YAM Magazine is free region, and we'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in getting

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