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  • Spring Shoes: Ankle Straps Obsession!

    Thursday, May 3, 2012 6:22AM / Members only

    As you can all read from the title, this post is all about the ankle strap trend that has been raging through a bunch of shoe designs. I personally have been obsessed with this trend since last year, and I think it just makes any shoe look so more pretty! Pretty much throw on an ankle strap, and I am sold! I am currently lusting over a few more pairs of ankle strap heels.

    (1. Steve Madden OPTICALL, 2. Zara HIGH HEEL SANDAL WITH BUCKLES, 3. MANGO Fetish Sandals, 4. KORS Michael Kors Atherton, 5. Heart and Soul TEIRO)

    As you all can tell, I really like platform pumps and the strappy sandal style with the ankle straps. I am also always on the lookout for flat sandals now because I know in the summer I will be doing a lot of walking during my travels. However, I am super picky about those and I just don't think thong sandals look good on my feet, but I digress. I am very tempted to purchase the first pair of Steve Maddens for my Vegas trip this upcoming June!

    Now for the shoes I actually purchased in the past couple of months...

    The first pair from Zara is to die for! I love them so much. If any of you follow fashion bloggers, these have been seen everywhere! They also come in 3 other color blocked shades on the Zara website. If money grew on trees I would have definitely purchased them too, but I wanted them to be timeless so I opted for the black. I swear they make your legs look amazing!

    The second pair is from ShoeMint, and it is a bright fun teal color. I don't have any fun colored shoes just because I usually opt for neutrals. I just feel like with neutrals you get more of your money's worth because you can wear them with everything. However, I really loved the color on these, and they looked perfect for the warmer weather, so I decided to pull the plug and purchase them. I think these will look great with a nice summer dress!

    Last but not least are these beautiful Sam Edelman sandals. I love these because they kind of remind me of the Zara heels. They have a modest 2 inch wedge in the back so they still give you a bit of a lift without being overbearing. I adore the gold detailing on the ankle strap, and they just literally look good with a lot of things. Even my mom, who thinks my shoe taste is a little bit too much for her, wanted to borrow them when she saw them.

    Overall, I am super happy about my purchases, and I can't wait to sport these for the upcoming season!

    I know ankle straps aren't for everyone because for some they cut off the leg line, but for me, I think as long as you find a right style, anyone can sport it! What do you all think about ankle straps?

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  • The end of another chapter

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012 5:12AM / Members only

    Wow it's been awhile. I haven't posted since January, and a lot has happened since then. As usual, I was super busy because I was finishing up my last quarter of college. That's right, I graduated this past April, and I have since moved back to LA. It's good to be back in the bustling city, but I will definitely miss the beautiful beachy San Diego. The past 3 1/2 years flew by so quick, and I felt like it was just yesterday I was a college freshman.

    Since moving back, I definitely appreciate the warm weather of LA more. San Diego has beautiful weather, but it can get so cold at times that I dress more for comfort than style. I'm usually on campus from 12-9PM, and the weather changes drastically throughout the day. It's just not practical sometimes, and I don't want to worry about catching a cold.

    I have also been spending my time off with friends and family that I never really got to hang out with while I was in school. It's been so great to catch up with them all, and I realized how much I truly miss them!

    In other news, I have a lot of travel plans lined up for the rest of the year. A couple of trips to Vegas, a trip to San Francisco, and possibly trips to Washington and New York with my cousin who is visiting in August. I will also be flying off to China at the end of the year to attend one of my cousin's wedding as a bridesmaid! It sure seems like it will be an eventful rest of the year.

    For the time being, I am just trying to get into a healthy lifestyle, work on my portfolio, and find a job/internship in LA. I am also going to embark on doing freelance design to make some extra money on the side. If anyone needs services for print/graphic/web design, just shoot me an email :) and I'll be happy to discuss price rates and details.

    Finally, I hope to start blogging once again now that I have more time on my hands. I really want to find that spark again. However, I am definitely more into fashion now, so you all will be seeing a lot more fashion related posts. I don't buy as much make up & beauty products as I use to as I am just trying to use what I have now. I hope you all don't mind.

    For me, a post is never complete without some eye candy. However, I don't have much photos to share in this post so I just made a collage out of a few of my more recent instagram pictures. If you guys have instagram, follow me @ tralalalisa or check it out on your computer through this link: http://followgram.me/tralalalisa!

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  • Star Products of 2011

    Saturday, Dec 31, 2011 9:35AM / Members only

    And here goes to another year over! 2011 went by super fast, and well quite frankly I haven't done much to this blog this year at all besides give it a face lift. I think I have lost the spark in my motivation to keep up this blog, but I don't have the heart to let it go either. Sometimes I feel like beauty blogging is just not the way it use to be. I hope I will find some way to relight my passion that started this blog in the first place in the upcoming year. For now this blog will remain, and I will still blog when I find the time to. Who knows what the future has in store!

    Anyways, today what I really want to focus on is the annual post I do on my favorite products of the year! I try a lot of products throughout the year but only so many become worthy of this mention at the end of the year, so without further a do....

    Let's start with skincare. This year has been not so great for my skin, and I have had many problems with breakouts and scarring. Midway through the year, I changed my skincare entirely, and I couldn't be happier now because my skin has improved so much.

    • DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser - For most of 2010-2011 I went through a phase where I had some serious breakouts on my chin area. It really stressed me out and for the longest time I could not find anything that would calm my skin down. This was one of the first products that started helping me salvage my skin. I had gotten a deluxe sample from Sephora awhile back, and I had it in storage for the longest time. On a whim when I was cleaning out my skincare products, I found the sample and decided to start using it. Immediately after a week of using it, I noticed that the acne on my chin was subsiding. I used it for a couple of months, and my skin is much  better now. It contains 1.8% salicylic acid, so it can be a bit drying for some but it totally works wonders for me! Although now I have stopped using it daily, this is still my go-to product for when I break out during that time of the month!
    • Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 - This toner picks up dirt like no other but also stings like no other! I started using this also because of a deluxe sample I had gotten from Sephora. At first, this toner stung my face so bad, and I seriously considered to just stop using it because it was seriously painful....but I pushed through it! Now, it doesn't sting my face at all. I am not sure if it is because I am use to it now or it is because my face just isn't so irritated anymore. Either way, I actually quite love this toner, and after my sample I went out and purchased the full size (which btw, is half gone now!). I use it at night after I cleanse my face and it picks up every little bit of dirt left off my face. I think this has definitely helped make sure there isn't any dirt and oil clogging my pores.
    • Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate - This has got to be the most expensive thing I purchased ever in terms of skincare. I have heard so much about this serum, and when Sephora had a sample of it for 100 points, I went ahead a redeemed one. I was hesitant to even try it just because it was so expensive but I am so glad I did. This has changed my skin! It has helped blemishes and scars heal so much faster, and the texture of my skin has become so much smoother. It has improved the tone of skin and it just looks more radiant overall. This is definitely a must have if you don't mind the steep price.
    • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - This is an awesome spot treatment! When school started this past September, I was, as usual, breaking out due to stress. I saw this at Ulta, and decided to pick it up because a lot of people said it was good. Low and behold, this stuff zaps zits like magic. It dries up pimples (even cystic ones) in half the time it takes for them to heal on their own. I have gone through almost all of my first bottle, and I have one stored away as a backup already.

    Along with my skincare products, I have been in love with washing my face with oatmeal. I first saw this on Bubbi's youtube channel (click for the video). It's cheap and effective and all natural! I usually do it once in the morning and sometimes once at night. It has helped tremendously with my acne and the texture of my skin. Although it does get a little messy, and it is probably best if you have a drain stopper to stop all the oats from going down the drain, it is definitely worth it.

    Next up is the makeup and some hair products...

    • Makeup Forever Duo Mat (#120) - This was the first powder foundation I have ever used. I have always stayed away from powder just because I thought it would be too cakey for my skin. However, during Sephora's F&F sale I decided it wouldn't hurt to try since I can always return it. Well, I ended up not returning it because I absolutely love it! It's so quick and easy, and it definitely doesn't take any time away from my rushed mornings before I go off to class. Coverage is excellent, and it doesn't feel like a mask on my face. It actually feels more comfortable than liquid foundation to me. I love how the powder is so finely milled and I just can't say enough good things about it. This is definitely a HG product for me now.
    • NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder (#720 Sunny) - To be honest, I have never been the bronzer type of girl. I just find that they never quite fit my skin tone and it's an extra step I don't feel makes a difference. Discovering this has definitely changed my mind though. I bought this on a whim, and at such an afforable price I couldn't ask for more. It just warms up my face and gives me such a nice healthy glow. Definitely a must try!
    • Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow (#3 Gray Black) - My go-to brow pencil. Since I reverted back to my natural hair color, my old eyebrow pencils and powders don't match anymore. It just looks very unnatural in my opinion when I have black hair and brownish eyebrows. Lioele's gray black shade is perfect for those with black hair. It's not too dark or light. It just looks natural, which I love.
    • Revlon Lip Butters - Everyone and their grandma has these and many have raved about them. I am one of those who love them so I am not going to say much because I know everyone has heard about enough them. All I have to say is that I love these for the price. They remind me a lot of the Dior Addict Lipsticks which are 3x the price. If you haven't tried them, definitely try to pick one up if you see them at your local drugstore. There are 20 shades so you are bound to find one you like!

    • Sigma Beauty SigMAX Brushes - These brushes are amazing! I have all of them except for the tapered face brush since I brought the face set and the precision kit separately. All three of the Sigmax face brushes that I have applies foundation and any liquid products like a dream. As for the precision kit brushes, I love using them for concealer and creme bases for my eyeshadow. I can't imagine not having these now.
    • Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler - This is a must for stick straight asian lashes. My lashes usually don't stay very curled no matter what mascara I have used, whether it be American or Japanese. However, if I curl them with this after I put on mascara my lashes are actually visible and curled. Definitely makes a huge difference on my lashes.
    • Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask - Ever since I dyed my hair a couple of years ago it has not been as healthy as it used to be. Even though I eventually grew it all out and cut it off, my natural hair didn't have the shine that it did before. I tried quite a few hair serums, but it was always just a temporary fix which was not satisfying at all. This hair mask, however, has made all the difference upon the first use. It has made my hair silky smooth, and it has restored the shine and luster to my hair that was missing before. I usually use this once a week.
    • Essential Nuance Air Hair Treatment - Along with the hair mask, I also use this whenever I feel like my hair needs a boost but it hasn't been a full week after my hair mask. This one a bit a lighter, but does the job just as well as the hair mask! Both are super affordable, and if you are able to get your hands on either treatments, it will be the best thing that has happened to your hair! 

    Well that about wraps it up. I hope you all enjoyed reading this ridiculously long post. Props to whoever made it to the end! Thank you to all of you are are still sticking around. I hope everyone has a great new year with friends and family, and may the upcoming year bring lots of love and joy! xoxo ~ Talk to you all in 2012!

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  • Vanity Box Haul feat. Ameli Eyeshadows

    Saturday, Oct 22, 2011 4:38AM / Members only

    A few weeks ago I made a purchase on Vanity Box, which is an australian based online store that sells clothes, makeup, and accessories from Korea. I first heard about them from a post Chaigyaru did a long time ago reviewing them. You can check out that post here. In her review, she showed these eyeshadows from a Korean brand called Ameli. A little back story now...

    I actually follow a few Korean beauty bloggers in Korea and one of my favorites always used Ameli eyeshadows. They looked so gorgeous; however, back when I first saw her use them, I searched around and there wasn't any way to get them in the states at all. I was pretty bummed about that, but I was still always on the look out.

    So after seeing them on Vanity Box, I was so tempted to place an order. I didn't at first though, and I forgot the reason why, but a long time past before I came across them again. I eventually forgot about it until I recently saw their site in another youtube video. This time around I did not hesitate to place an order.

    I got three Ameli eyeshadows, and two 92.5% silver necklaces from them. I was originally going to only get the eyeshadows, but I saw that they actually have really pretty jewelry. Some of them I immediately fell in love with! Shipping took a little less than 2 weeks. When it arrived, it was very nicely packaged and they even gave me two Chupa Chupa lollipops as a treat! Yum :)

    To start off, these were the two necklaces that I got. Both are sterling silver, and I have to say I absolutely adore them. I've been wearing them non-stop since I got them. I have been really into petite looking jewelry because I think it just exudes this sort of elegance and sophistication when worn. My favorite of the two is definitely the Love You necklace. It also comes in silver and I am very tempted to get the silver one too. Definitely give their jewelry section a look because they have the cutest and most elegant jewelry!

    For the 3 Ameli eyeshadows that I got, 2 are from the Sparkle Spot line and 1 is from the Sweet Diamond line. Vanity Box also carries eyeshadows from their Step Basic line that I believe are matte eyeshadows; however, I didn't get any from that line because I love my sparkle more.

    From left to right: #502 Platinum (Sparkle Spot), #501 Champagne (Sparkle Spot), #125 Luxury Brown (Sweet Diamond). Sparkle Spot e/s are $19.50 AUD and Sweet Diamond e/s are $15.60 AUD.

    Aren't they just gorgeous in the pan?! I love them. I do have swatches of them but I am planning to put those up when I do a review post on the Ameli eyeshadows themselves so look out for that.

    I just love staring at them because the texture looks so intriguing from some reason.

    Overall, purchasing from Vanity Box was a very pleasant experience, and I didn't experience any trouble at all. Everything was beautifully packaged with lots of bubble wrap. International shipping is a flat-rate $9 which I think is pretty reasonable. I am definitely going to be repurchasing from them, and I hope they carry more Ameli eyeshadows in the future. And for those who are wondering, I did purchase everything myself :)

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  • Food for the Skin

    Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011 3:48AM / Members only

    I haven't bought skincare or cosmetics much in awhile. I've been more on a clothing and shoes kick hence the lack of funds to splurge on other things. However, I finally bought some new beauty items that I am pretty excited to try! Recently, I found out that SkinFood just opened up a new store in the West Covina Westfield on August 15, which is actually not too far from where I live. It is much closer to me than the one in Irvine. Therefore, I decided to stop by on Sunday because my mom wanted me to take her to go shopping.

    Now upon walking into the store and looking at the prices, I would have to say they are still marked up quite a bit compared to their prices in Korea. I would probably only justify purchasing in store once in awhile because I could get most of the items cheaper on eBay. However, it was nice to see some of the items (especially the cosmetics) in person. Regardless of the prices, I found the store to be great. The SAs were all very friendly, and one of them followed me around the store recommending me different products after I told him what kind of skin issues I wanted to address. They don't carry all of their products as of now, but they are slowly adding more items. One of the signs said that they would be carrying their BB creams soon.

    I didn't leave empty handed, and even though I paid a little more than I needed to, I am still a very happy camper.

    I purchased the Peach Sake Toner, Rice Mask Wash Off, Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek in 'Apricot', Nail Vita Base Coat, Nail Vita Polish in #BL509, and Pedicure Sparkle Polish in #1.

    I've been meaning to add a toner back into my skincare routine, and I decided to try the Peach Sake Toner out because it supposedly helps reduce the appearance of pores.

    As for the Rice Mask Wash Off, this is supposedly their #1 selling skin care item and the SA told me this was a must try. He even gave me many packets of samples of it.

    The rest of the items I decided to buy on a whim, but I'm pretty happy with them also.

    There were a lot of pretty nail polishes, and I wanted to buy more but I had to refrain myself because I have way too much nail polish to begin with. As a result, I only picked up two.


    Pedicure Sparkle #1 is a gorgeous Rose Gold color with lots of silver shimmers! If you guys have seen Orly's Rage polish, this is a more shinier and glittery version of it. The Nail Vita #BL509 is your typical mint green but it has shimmers in it. I have 3 other mint green polishes but they are all creme finishes so I thought it would be nice to add one that has some shimmer to my collection.


    At the store, I couldn't stop staring at Lip and Cheek tins, because I have read somewhere before that they are similar to the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. There are I think 5-6 colors in total, and I picked this coral color they had because I love my corals! 

    When I swatch it on my hand and put it on my lips, it somehow turns a lot more pink than orange. I am not sure why. I haven't tried it as a blush yet. I wish it was more on the orange side, but I still find the color quite nice. The pigmentation of it is a little bit on the sheer side if used as a lip color, but the coverage is buildable. I assume it would work out better if used on the cheeks. I plan to do a more in-depth review on it later on after I've tested it out a couple more times.

    Along with all of this, my SA gave me a handful of samples that will take me awhile to get through, but I love my samples. I plan to put some aside for a future giveaway that I am slowly planning.


    If you guys live in the area and want to check the SkinFood store out, here is the address: 

    112 Plaza Drive Suite 252 
    West Covina CA 91790 

    The store is located inside the Westfield Mall on the 1st floor.


    And to finish off, I also picked up two items from a local Asian beauty store yesterday.

    The Kiss Me Mascara was on sale, and seeing that so many of my blogger friends love this mascara I decided to give it a try. I was also looking for a new cleanser with beads in it because I ran out of my Laneige Pore Cleanser.

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