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back in october went to do something i'd always wanted to do but never had the chance, here is a quick clip:


it almost sounds like he was cracking up at the plot of his own movie, ahem, directorial debut ;)

ps. btw, "it scored well at rottentomatoes....." ;)


here is the complete version of the Martial Dream 武之梦 , never underestimate the power of the mind!


Outstanding!!! i almost cried and all! ;)

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while checking the promos done for The Grandmaster movie in the US, found that for baguazhang they did not use any of the Zhang Ziyi footage, instead they used the section from Zhou Xiaofei! Much better...... 八卦手黑小心!


我的书法 - my calligraphy ;)

大家好!给你们看看我写的字。我只写了一次。怎么样?二十多年没练习吧!;) Just wrote this after 20 years of not practicing ;) and I only wrote it once. how u like it? ;)

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Li Xinyu 李昕豫, WOW!!!

Li Xinyu 李昕豫, china national champion!! great form!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arbEJYrYlXU

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3D TV works! / 3D TV 很好!

hey, who knows who that is?!

The passive 3D works pretty well. Now someone get me Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy!!!

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那么多秃头! 你找得到我吗? by the way, visit www.masteringwushu.com and wushu classes www.eastbaywushu.com

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