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missing interview / 少见的采访

also, one foreigner that speaks Chinese! certainly better than me!!!

还, 一个外国人会讲中文! 一定比我更好!!!Video: part 1

part 2 and 3 are here:



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a stalker on the loose! / 小心女生!

a very famous beijing opera group came to the bay area last night, since i love chinese culture i went to see it.


The main actress was very beautiful, wow, i decided to meet her. Can I? Sure, piece of cake! and i succeded! if you don't believe me, i have pics! ;)

第一女演员很漂亮,哇...Read more

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J & J project / J & J 计划

well, the three movie virtuosos Jackie, Jet and Yuen Woo Ping are in the works. Jackie and Jet already "exchanged blows" at the Wuyi mountain set!


this movie is american and it has Lan Caihe with Sun Wukong on the same story (how come?),but I hope the results are not too bad!!! jiayo!


 嗯,成龙...Read more

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The Valiant Ones / 忠烈图

Last night I watched an old film called "The Valiant Ones", a masterpiece directed by King Hu. I really liked the movie, the feeling is very different, it is a classic chilvalry story, but the fight choreography had a bit more intensity.

The martial arts choreographer is a person called Zhu Yuanlong. You guys know who he is? If you guys don't know, let me tell you he is Sammo Hung!! (Sammo was called "Yuan Long" back in the Opera school days)

The movie has many people i know, Simon Yuen, Han Ying...Read more

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no time!/ 没时间!

friends, so busy lately! work, travel, work, practice; i'm exhausted! need to relax, need to rest...  

朋友们, 最近很忙! 工作, 旅行, 工作, 练功; 累死掉了!!!应该放松,应该休息。。。

(我的中文很烂! )  



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那么多秃头! 你找得到我吗? by the way, visit www.masteringwushu.com and wushu classes www.eastbaywushu.com

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