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the good the bad and the weekend / 坏、好、周末

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Busy/tired as hell

Right knee hurts very suspiciously! (as in: potential ligament problem? )


The good:

Received the magazine with my FK article (4 pages full of color pics, big format), printed all around prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Europe in 7 languages!

The other wushu article for another magazine ...Read more

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picture time! / 照片!

right now, i am writing an article on wushu for a magazine, so i assembled a small team of friends and did a photo shoot on Sunday. had a great time.   i was directing, james was demonstrating and ben taking the pics.

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here is immortal beggar lu yan teaching jason tripitakas the moves. one, two, one two…  (pictures by narom)Read more

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sharks! / 有鲨鱼啊!

holly shit, scary!!!       吓死我了!!   



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mysterious restaurants and the MUMMIES

as usual, no time to blog... but here is it is

on a quick note, the misteries of the world: a restaurant in spain called WUSHU (???), please check for yourselves


oh yeah, they even have a drink called "bloody geisha"!  

this week i watched the the MUMMY movies.....Read more

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and more, more about FK

wow, the Forbidden Kingdom has reached 100 million dollars in box office!!

this is amazing! among other things, because the movie has not been showned in many countries yet. For example, Belgium, France,  6/25, UK, Ireland 7/11, Spain 7/18, Japan 7/26, Holland 8/28, etc... I think this will be a case where the foreign box office will be greater than the domestic one for a hollywood movie (currently is 50/50).

my interview of Jackie will be printed on several magazines (different versions) together with a bio type artic...Read more

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Martial Arts Benefit for Sichuan Quake Victims / 武术表演四川赈灾筹款

"A Live Performance of Martial Arts Mastery To Benefit Earthquake Victims in Sichuan, China." 7:00~10:00 PM Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Pky Santa Clara, CA 95054


时间:五月二十四号 星期六 晚上 七点到十点

地点: ...Read more

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Pachinko is a gambling game played on a device like a vertical pinball machine that apparently Japanese people are crazy about.


Jackie, please don't break my Pachinko!   /  大哥,不要踢坏我的Pachinko!

Read more

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busy!!! / 太忙!

Hello all, no time to blog as usual… work and travel are killing me! (shit!)

As you could all see from my past blogs, I was able to interview C0llin Ch0u and Liu Yif3i recently, well, there is more to come soon….

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Read more

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even more on FK...

this is the layout of the article on FK that will print soon (4 pages).not bad, huh? sorry the picture is so small!


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more FK news...

so, did you guys watch Forbidden Kingdom yet? I think it got the number #1 weekend box office in the US! not bad! not bad! Not sure what chinese viewers will think though!?

你们看过“功夫之王”吗?我觉得勇夺北美票房排行榜冠军! 不错!不错!不知道中国的电影观众可能有怎么样想!?



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那么多秃头! 你找得到我吗? by the way, visit www.masteringwushu.com and wushu classes www.eastbaywushu.com

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