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silver for spain in gymnastics / 西班牙体操,第二名!

amazing!!!  look at this!!!  should have been gold!!!

{ video will come later  }

damn, the video keeps dissapearing from the source every few minutes, so i will leave a picture now (stolen from sifu Fong's blog) and will post my own video later, both routines were flawless.

the chinese athlete had a little more starting value, and then he had a few hops on a landing which would make his score even with the one of the spaniard. the spaniard had no flaws other than a little wobble going in...Read more

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the ÑBA sucked! :(

well, it happenned what it was supposed to happen...

there is no doubt that the NBA players are superior. They proved it with that legendary first dream team at the barcelona 92 olympics, they schooled the world, but did it also with arrogancy inside and out of the courts.

then, for many years european basketball experts have been saying (in europe) that the NBA is not so hot and not so good, that they are based on individual skill, different rules, showmanship, yadda yadda....  i never agreed too much

but, after th...Read more

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ÑBA... yes, with an Ñ

the ÑBA (Spain basketball team) is getting ready to teach the boys of the NBA (US team) a lesson at the olympics...


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2008 Beijing Wushu Tournament / 北京2008武术比赛

The “2008 Beijing Wushu Tournament” will be held on the sidelines of the Olympic Games between Aug 21 and 24. The tournament has drawn 128 athletes from 43 countries and regions to the 10 taolu and five sanshou events. The taolu events are: Men's Changquan, Nanquan/Nangun all-round, Taijiquan/Taijijian all-round, Daoshu/...Read more

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segway-ing in SF (?)

ha! would you pay around 80 bucks to go around the city on a segway? this is what i saw the other day from my office:


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_rTEQNQ9sM around 80 bucks plus tip, we are in the US!


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Drunken Fist - wushu at the asian art museum (SF)

People in the SF Bay Area, read:

Drunken Fist

Thursday, August 7

5 to 9 pm

You’ve seen Jet Li do it in movies—now watch former champion US World Team Member, Philip Wong and former Bejing Wushu Team champion Zhang Hong Mei lead members of Bay Area martial arts school Pacific Wushu in a dynamic, jaw-dropping demonstration. View the museum’s summer exhibition Power & Glory: Court Arts of China’s Ming Dynasty, jump on guided gallery tours of Asian weaponry, try out a hands-on ...Read more

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old picture / 老相片

here i am with AnD member Gao Zhenfeng   /   郜振峰和我

my memory is good huh! stance not so bad!      /   我的记忆很好!好步法吧!

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fei yue sighting! / 看到大博文飞跃鞋!

so, riding the BART everyday I can see very weird things. Today I saw a lady wearing the famous wushu shoes called FEI YUE. very weird!


Regular people in China will never wear these sho...Read more

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on patriotism and buddhism

well, another 4th of july in the US, but this year instead of eating burgers at some friend's yard BBQ, i accepted to go to a buddhist temple gathering ( ) instead.

now, let's start by explaining that i am not patriotic to any country (in the almost fanatic sense of the word) and i am not religious (in any sense) and yet, there i was in the middle of some beatiful mountains surrounded by gardens, tall trees, the 18 arhats, the guanyin, and other buddhist symbolism, enjoyin...Read more

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campeones de europa! / 欧洲冠军!

Spain 1 - Germany 0............  enough said!

西班牙 1 - 德国 0 。。。 不说了!

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那么多秃头! 你找得到我吗? by the way, visit www.masteringwushu.com and wushu classes www.eastbaywushu.com

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