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The Valiant Ones / 忠烈图

Last night I watched an old film called "The Valiant Ones", a masterpiece directed by King Hu. I really liked the movie, the feeling is very different, it is a classic chilvalry story, but the fight choreography had a bit more intensity.

The martial arts choreographer is a person called Zhu Yuanlong. You guys know who he is? If you guys don't know, let me tell you he is Sammo Hung!! (Sammo was called "Yuan Long" back in the Opera school days)

The movie has many people i know, Simon Yuen, Han Ying Chie, Yuen Hwa, Yuen Biao, Mars, Yuan Kwai, etc... Some say Jackie Chan is in it, but I did not see him. Sammo has a great part as a japanese pirate. He is a fierce bad guy!

Now, I will watch the new version, called The New Valiant Ones ;)



这电影有很多人我认识,比如说:袁小田、韩英杰、元华、元彪、大嘴 (火星)、元奎、等。。。有人说还有成龙,可是我没有看到他。洪金宝是一个日本倭寇,很厉害的坏人!


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Thanks for posting this, my friend Emily and I have been looking for new movies to watch.
over 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
looks interesting. how do you find these movies?
over 13 years ago
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Mommy_Mok: well, bear in mind that this is a 1975 production... i can handle it because i have been watching HK movies for 25 years... maybe some other people cannot ;) rottendoubt: chinatowns at many different cities, old VHS tapes, ld's, vcd's, dvd's, internet vendors, trips to china/HK/taiwan, or friends at those locations, etc...
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