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What will happen?

Today, I saw Just VanNess which is VanNess's offical fan site.

Admin said that the project in Japan that the plan has been making before has thaken shape.  You'll be able to get a good news for you soon.

Also One of the supprise plan in Ken's solo concert becomes the announcement in few days. It 's very important announcement  for members of  JV; please observe.

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Lee Michelle says :
hm... new project in Japan. but no updates at chinese/english section. =( oh... surprise plan for ken's concert for JV members. wonder wat's the surprise...
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Jessica Chau says :
surprise for Jv members??emm...concert tix discount for those goin?or get to meet ken session??haha... but the news updates that u mentioned nt avaiilable in our site..jst like wat mich it f4 promo???*curious*
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Angel Hung says :
hey hey just wait n see wat will happen concert??? album promotion???
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Asian Chick says :
interesting... good to see you on AnD again!!! =)
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weng malig says :
new project??? hope it will post it soon in the chinese/english site of JV... thanks yumiko..update us soon ok...
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