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Van Ness Special Event

I went to Van Ness Special Event.

It was his fan meeting. First of all he appeared as he sang "Body will sing" from the back. not stage. He went up to the stage through his fans as he shacked hands. He wore on a white flat cap and a white shirt ( the same shirt @ beijin V&K). And he still had  mustache in 1st. event and wore on no cap, no sleeves white T shurt and scarf which was preasent his fan.

He sang two more songs "MaMa" and" Listen to your heart".

He talked about his recentry occurence... for example when he stayed L.A.(he still wrote on his AnD's blog), his new movie, F4 concert in JP, his two new movies, GEISAI MUSEUM 2 which have tommorow and so on....

He came down from stage, he closed and chose some fans and asked them some question then he took a pic with them.

It was important for me  that he talked about his religion. He said that he prays for 40 or 60 minutes every morning.  When he stayed in LA, he always read the bible and pray to God. He always thank to God.  Also he prayed that we can enjoy the show before beginning the event and during among 1st. and 2nd. event.

He said God is good!.....oh, what can I say....I'm very proud of him.

zaizai will have his fan meeting on May 30th.

VanNess wanted to give a Birthday message for him. So he thought that he had better to say BD  message for zaizai with us and  we shot a video for zaizai with him. We said Syacho(he call himself .It means director general), Happy birthday!!!  He poseed like Kung Fu, when he said Syacho cos that sounds like Kung Fu's shout!  It was very funny.

The end of event, he cried. So he buried his eyes with sun glass... I think that he was greatly touched and he thanked to his fans and God!

He was so nice and this event was succcess!

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err...dun really understand about the vdo of zai that you mentioned...praying to god for an hour??wow, that is super religous...its great that everything goes smoothly...
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thanks for sharing detailed reports... i was very touched about he said spend time in prayer every morning...that's 1 of reason we love him, rite?
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arigatou for the report. so sweet of him to get everyone to record message to Zai~
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Thanks for the detailed report
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"wwjd" means "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO" I would like to think about this when I do somthing. I want to respect for persons.


September 10, 2007