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Folks, you gotta be prepared......Qi-Power!!!

Long time no blog.....hmmh, most of the time, I'm just surfing around and and love to read all the interesting stuff.

But there is one thing.......folks, you need to be prepared. Just get your Qi-Power together or these guys will run you over .


Hmmh, what's worng with them?  Don'...Read more

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New DVDs arrived :-)! I'm happy! 新DVD 到达了! 我愉快!

Hi to all AnD Folks!

I'm so happy. My new DVDs arrived. Lot's of cool stuff. I really enjoyed "National Project To The Distillation Of The Stage Art - Shao Lin In The Wind. Cool combination of Ballett and Shaolin. Just great to watch. So much talent on stage. Check out the pic.

Also Swan Lake. Great. They are just touring Germany. Need to s...Read more

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Feeling sick!

Hi out there!

Shouts out to my man Emilio. I'm so lazy with this blog :-).

Last weeks were diffficult times. First my wife got sick. Never seen her like that bevor. She needed to stay for a hole week in bed. Normaly she is a workaholic. Nothing can stop her. But she was really knocked out. Check out my daughter taking care of her :-).

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Don't know what to write :-)

Hi Folks!

Much time passed since my last post. Work keeps me buisy. I'm so burned out. Trying to manage work, family, training, friends and education. I will try to get myself into ITIL Service Managment. Some learning again :-). Need more time for my daughter. It's her first year at school and she is doing so well. Damn, I'm proud.

For the last years I was trying to get her interested in wushu. Wow, i failed on that one. She is so into horses :-).  Right know she is doing vaulting and she is reall...Read more

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Holiday at last!

Hi out there!

Long time since my last entry. Pain is gone and training is coming along well :-). Really looking forward to the xmas days. Holiday at last and some time for my daughter. Work keeps me to buisy.

Wish everyone a nice xmas time and hope you will be surounded by your loved ones.

Take care


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Everything hurts :-)

Hi Folks!

Wow, trying to get back in shape and find my way back into a regular wushu training. Man, that hurts. Everything is in pain :-). Getting older. Need to realise, less jumping, more time on the ground.

Gotta go, take care everyone.

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Hello. Cool to be here!

Hello everyone!

This is my fist blog entry on AnD. Good to be here. I hope to met a lot of nice peps.

Man, today was my mom's 60's birthday and we had a big party. Meeting folks from back in the days. You know what? This reminds me that I'm gettin old :-). Need to  train harder. Anyway it was a cool party. Need to go to bed. Take care.

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