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What Asian People and Culture Have Contributed to the World

The next time some asshole decides to call an Asian person a nip or a chink, I'd like him/her to be reminded that his/her life as it is would not exist if not for Asian people.  For example, s/he wakes up in the morning, gets ready, well, s/he can't wear that silk tie or that silk scarf or those silk stockings because the Chinese invented silk.  Breakfast time. Lactose intolerant or health-conscious?  Well, s/he can't have soy milk with that cereal because the Chinese invented soy milk.

S/he wants to read the paper.  Well, that's not possible because the Chinese invented paper, ink, and printing.  Morning news on TV?  S/he's not likely to have the modern TV set s/he enjoys at home without the advanceces in electronics made by the Japanese.

Time to hit the road.  Well, s/he likely wouldn't have a good dependable car to drive without the Japanese, whether s/he drives a Toyota, Lexus, or Honda.  S/he wouldn't have help getting anywhere from a compass because the Chinese invented that.

Break time.  Well, s/he can't have tea because the Chinese invented that.  Lunch time.  Well, what would the world be like without Chinese food and sushi?  S/he can't eat healthy either because tofu came from China.  Even America's favorite condiment, ketchup, originated in China.  In fact, the word derives from Chinese.  The good ol' American favorite of spaghetti originated in China too (Marco Polo took the recipe home to Italy).  Dessert.  What would the world be like indeed without ice cream, which originated in China (Marco Polo took that recipe back to Italy too).

Time to relax?  Well, meditation (which is Buddhist) and Tai Chi both came from Asia.  Just watch TV?  Well, there'd be no anime, no Pokemon, and no Power Rangers, which all came from Japan.  Come to think of it, there wouldn't even be old favorites like Speed Racer, Astro Boy, Hello Kitty, Voltron, or Transformers because those all came from Japan too.  Even American cartoons like Ninja Turtles have Asian influence.  Can't play video games because there'd be no Nintendo, Sega or Sony.  Can't do origami.

The house would probably not be very aestethically pleasing or harmonious without the Asian influences of Buddhist Zen art and feng shui.  Can't make the house smell good with incense either because that came from China.  Spend some time outdoors?  Well, s/he can't fly a kite because the Chinese invented that.  Go get a work out?  Well, can't do karate or any other

martial art.

Go to the movies?  Well, from MI:2, Blade, Mummy Returns and The Matrix to Buffy, Xena and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, virtually no action movies or TV shows today have not been influenced by Asian martial arts action movies.  Come to think of it, even old Hollywood favorites have martial arts in them, from Bruce Lee to Star Wars to Charlie's Angels.  Even suspense and horror movies are ripping off from Asian movies now.  Oh yeah, there was always Godzilla.  Can't sing karaoke because that came from Japan.  Can't watch fireworks because the Chinese invented those.

Well, looks like Asian people are known for a lot of things, huh?  And we should be known for a lot more.

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