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Okay its been almost 1 week since the Sichuan earthquake..........everyday news articles n reports of Sichuan's earthquake have been non-stop,its just so heart-wrenching tt 4 millions ppl DEAD, ....and hundred thousands re seriously injured....n millions of houses;buildings;6900 schools re just cruelly being destroyed with INNOCENT ppl,teachers n students inside....just a few minutes..everything is gone!!!

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I m feeling so SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD for the massive destruction tt is brought to the SICHUAN and its innocent ppl....it causes 2 millions n 2 thousands ppl dead.....n is estimate that the death toll will still increase.....!




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Recently I have gone thru some ups n downs in my life....   n i m sick n tired of it!!! Hope tt i find a good job soon...

On may 7 2008,i jus went to attend my College's graduation ceremony...haha it was boring but fun thou....:-) AND YES FINALLY I GRADUATED FROM ITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFT 2 LONG N MISERABLE BUT AT THE SAME TIME HAPPY YEARS...as i met some GOOD frens at school.....

1 thing for sure is tt:I MISS SCHOOL BADLY!!!....but nw since...Read more

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Promote movie:"sky of love"

The most touching and sweet movie i ever watch: Sky of love (Japan late 2007 Romance movie)-Recommended...go watch it!

This will be the touching quotes:

如果你變成天空那… 想你的時候 我就看著天空晴天就是你心情好的時候雨天就是你在哭泣夕照的天空 就是你臉紅害羞了澄靜的夜空 就是你溫柔地抱著我 如果那一天,我没有遇见你的話。 我想,我就不会感到 這樣痛苦、 這樣伤感、 這樣难过、 這樣讓人悲從中來了。 但是,如果我没有遇见你。 我也不会知道 那麼歡欣、 那麼温柔、 那麼愛著...Read more

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hmm...just feel like blogging...

hii i m bk...i am just a nobody...lol

Actually this is my fifth entry...but i deleted 2 entries away...recently hw's my life,BORING N FRUSTRATED ...ok.

I have been thinking alot recently...as i 1 mth ago i have just graduated from ITE college...so wad my plan nw??? since i can't made it to the poly this yr!! 

So FINALLY....I have decide to work this yr and earn my school fees den next yr most probably i wil apply poly again....IT HAVE TO BE SUCCESSFU...Read more

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Chalet at Bukit Batok NS Team Adventure Centre-

hii anyone who is viewin my profile nw.. ya here will b my friendster link...www.friendster.com/frenrule ...add me if u wan.

went chalet on 19-20 april...is my dear naughty biao nephew bday lor...4 yrs old liao....aniway it was a fun stay....me n my cousin n family da 6 of us can said to have fun...only until 20 april where ard 50 ppl come to the chatlet for the celebration of my nephew bday...cos like alot off ppl i dun reali knw...Read more

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Okay haha finally after half a year i post my 1st blog entry....so damn lazy anyway...

Lol pardon me...i b using short-term english here...hehe...today can say to be a quite "happy" day for me....because finally my exam are over.....but very sian de lor...when i reach hm today....gt some unhappy things happen.....can't be bothered to say....I really hope that i can get a very good grade for my public relation exam.....BAXIA!N i really wish to get into Nanyang polytechnic...Buisness Management course...

For ppl who view my blog....i will...Read more

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