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Heart ~~~~!~~~~~~~~!

I now better Afraid, afraid ah ~ ~ ~!Why am I like that I think it ~~~~~~~! me of her guilt has been really good ~~~~~! feel really cruel, really feel that they are wrong ~ ~ ~ ~ ! why should you always have to wait until later to do a find themselves ~~~````Has persisted, and I always want from you so far, I beg your pardon, I am remorseful, said to protect you makes you sad ~ ~

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Instantaneous optical memory

Instantaneous optical memory, in the blink of an eye the moment. As if all started at a loss, and are home may be small roadside grass. Dry and cut off because of my衷肠, fell into a muddy path. Pedestrians have to fall carefully, did not augur well for more pedestrian. Back in the late nineteenth century, to suppress the womb. Nurturing a sad human beings, gives him crying, scared to death of God.

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