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asian american chanteuses

i like seeing these four videos all side by side... various singers i have filched awarenesses of from various peoples online. (you know who you are.)

it feels kind of surreal to play all of them at the same time.

Video: Video:



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I just watched Across the Universe again this past weekend. That's such a great song. I tried to find out what TVCarpio's doing right now but haven't found anything. She has great screen presence and a wonderful voice. I'll watch the others later.
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Good stuff, especially that third one (have you posted that before?). Where's your new music? =)
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Wendy Cheng says :
I'm also a big fan of TV Carpio from her work in this film... found out her mom was a famous Hong Kong singer (TV Carpio is part Cantonese and filipino) and have wondered if people associated with AnD know her...
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