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The Kiss

I was going to blog about Cashmere Mafia last night, then decided against it, then read Mike Kang's blog about it and had to back it up!

Mike mentioned angryasianman's blog  ( about Lucy Liu and Jack Yang on Cashmere Mafia.

Did anybody catch it?

I wasn't struck so much by the fact that the characters confessed they were generally more into dating white people than other Asians.

What drew me in was the kiss.

Take it from a girl: an incredible kiss. There was so much chemistry, and it was so openly and beautifully expressed.

When I was younger, my mother used to cover up the TV with her hand when Americans kissed. She always said, "See? Americans always kiss, kiss, like that. So always get divorced."

I think this went on until we all left for college. I've always thought about writing a mother character who has some sort of home-made TV dropcloth to guard against the dreaded American kiss. Maybe connected to a lever or tasselled rope by the couch or in the kitchen.

Angryasianman has suggested that this is the first kiss that has taken place between American born Asians on TV. What does this imply? It implies that they kissed like Americans. And boy, did they.

Definitely one of the most gratifying moments on TV for Asian Americans, in my opinion. See what we missed when we were growing up?

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Ren Ren says :
I just watch this episode on tv. I do agree with you...that was a great on screen kiss. They do have a point there about the asian (well some) only dating white people. I've certainly heard my fair share of the "you should date a nice Chinese guy" line often enough.
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Yvonne Woo says :
hehe, I know a lot of my asian friends that never date asian guys :P
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Jaine * says :
I've not watched the show. sounds like a great kiss, so often - in my view - the actors/directors/whoever gets it wrong and it looks like they are trying to eat each other *balk* but sometimes, when it is done well...... *sigh* just curious as to how you think the rest of us non-Americans kiss ^_~
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Oh my god I didn't get to finish it! I had to take my girlfriend home *cries*....I was waiting for this to come on the air and I apparently missed the first 2 episodes. Was gutted yesterday when I found out it had premiered....Just waiting for Eli Stone now!
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JS says :
Looks a sweet scene from the still, is it really that rare to see Asian Americans kiss on screen? How did people think they were going to kiss!. I like the idea of the tasselled rope!!!, Funny, as a kid I was allowed to watch horror movies fully, but as soon as a kiss came on the screen my father covered my eyes...Go figure!
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yes, i do agree asian ppl and non-asian ppl kiss differently. i realized it ever since when i was way back in the days..heehee.. i think it lies in the asian culture where it's more reserved and not used to be so heated in front of screen than their counterpart where americans kisses are so passionate. <><
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Peachey says :
That guy's name is Jack Yang? I caught the ep prior to the one in your pic where they'd just met for coffee. He's cute. So they kiss? Two Asians kissing on American TV in a series during primetime. Whoa! haha. Too bad both of them have these American-sounding names, as if to try to camouflage that they're Asians. What's up with that?????
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rolala loves says :
I tried watching this show but couldn't get into it. I've seen them filming by where I work several times. If I liked Lucy Liu at all, I might have blogged it. It's really amazing that this is the first time that two Asian Americans smooch on primetime TV. I'll have to see if I can find some video on this. Like Peachey, I take issue with the fact that the characters have American sounding names. It's funny that you blogged this topic because I was thinking of talking about a kiss I saw on a Korean drama last night. It's the more "Asian style" way of doing it but I quite liked it. Maybe I'm a prude. I'm okay with passionate kissing as long as people aren't swallowing each other's faces.
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ILan W says :
I've been wanting to see this.. but didn't have time....... I like Lucy Liu.. I have a friend name Jack
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Wendy Cheng says :
This was from Peachey (I wanted to hit reply and I accidentally hit delete!!) Peachey: Hey, I came back to a blog I'd already read (reference to my blog about blog commenting)! I recall watching a HK movie. On tape. It was Jacky Cheung and Maggie Chung. They were a couple having conflict. They kissed and the camera showed Jacky's tongue. The kiss looked so sloppy. I was not ready to see tongue from Chinese actors; same for any other actor. I'd prefer TV and movie productions to keep kisses neat and tasteful. If I want to see dueling tongues, I'll watch a nature show or something.
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Peachey says :
Thanks for putting my comment back up. I can't remember the name of the movie. It must've been old though when Jacky and Maggie were still doing HK movies. The kiss made me cringe! Ew. It's cool how Cashmere Mafia had Lucy hooking up with an Asian this time. The writers could've continued with the interracial thing and they didn't. I'm so glad. It sounds like they had a very nice kiss. I wonder how much of America cringed when they saw that type of behavior on their TVs. haha. I checked and it doesn't even mention this ep you saw. I hope I can remember to look for this show next week. Wednesday, wednesday, wednesday.........
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Jrs 8c 1405439596528
J RS says :
It sounds like your mom would make a funny yet adorable character for any play/script! It's amazing how many people in real life are reflected in characters on TV or in the movies (the real-life Kramer from "Seinfeld" comes to mind!). I didn't see this kiss....sounds amazing! If anybody YouTube's it, I'd like to know about it!
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Ivy Lam says :
Haha, the TV dropcloth sounds hilarious... you should totally write that character in one day. One time when I was either in college or had graduated already, I was sitting at home with my mom, grandmother, and sister watching a Chinese movie. At the start of it, it gave a warning of sexual content in the movie, and to be careful with young children who are watching.... My grandmother then turned to my sister and I and said "You girls shouldn't watch it"... I just started laughing and said "Grandma, we're adults now, not kids!"... and even she and my mom laughed. =D
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Brian Yang says :
all i know is that jack yang is on everything in site!
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AIKO 郑 says :
In the very small time family does not let look that on the television has the kissing scene, now saw can think blushes
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Loc Pham says :
Wow...shocking on this "debate" about Whatnot haha...Kiss? hehe...I missed that!? Darn! I love Lucy Liu ESPECiALLY after her role in Lucky Number Slevin that was her version of a "Brainy" airhead...*read: The role was originally made for a blond, but was re-written for her when she was willing to do the role hehe...GOD!!! I love her in that role! She's SO damn CUTE and SPUNKY! haha...oh wells...Yeah, was not able to catch ANY primetime shows lately...*yawns...I am working on my script FINALLY!!!! haha...Sci-Fi Romance? Yeup...
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Belle Soohoo says :
Hey, that's my mom doing that to me! If you write a script for that role, please talk to me. I can give you many ideas. =)
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Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Jason Tobin says :
I haven't seen it but now I have to!
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angie c. says :
Although I haven't seen it, it sounds like an interesting movie to watch. I saw advertisements for this show, but didn't really know what it was about... but thanks for some information on this show... maybe I'll check it out later. Thanks :)
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