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A still from MOON LADY and reliving TEEN ANGST

Moon Lady is coming together. Meeting with a bunch of professional sound designers tomorrow and next week.

Today my friend Mims and I went to a Japanese restaurant in my town and sat at the sushi bar.

This boy who I had often seen working behind the cash register was sitting in the corner to my right. He said grace before he started eating his sushi. But as my friend and I started talking, I noticed he was still talking. At first I was like, is he saying a long grace? Is he on a cell phone? But he wasn't. He was just talking to himself. So we started chatting with him.

I think he was only like 18 or 19. And I think he thought we were younger than we are. He was giving us all kinds of advice on what kind of guitars to buy, going on about how bad he thinks it is to be segregated, and saying that he doesn't want to go on Myspace with his band because he hates everyone and he knows it's bad to hate everyone, but he does.

Then I went to the bathroom and when I came out, Mimsy was outside having a cigarette with him. They were talking about hunting and eating rabbits. Mimsy is very strange. This was right after she and I agreed that the woodland animals we have here are actually very beautiful when you realize they are not indigenous to other parts of the world. She even bought me a plastic pink squirrel to celebrate that. And now she wants to hunt and eat them.

Later Mimsy and I played guitar really badly and sang a song about her cooking local woodland animals and opening a restaurant next to the Japanese place.

Mimsy will compete

With her Woodland Meat

All in all it was a very odd day. I think that the teenager's angst got into us as we tried, for yet another day, not to grow up.

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