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Who has the binoculars???

who has the binoculars???read the sentence...the spy saw the man with the binoculars  if you break the sentence into segmentsthe spy saw the man    with the binocularsandthe spy saw    the man with the binoculars then you will have intrepretedthe spy with the binoculars is looking at a man (ist segmented sentence)andthe spy is looking at the man with the binoculars (2nd segmented sentence) what you have experienced is understanding a sentence as part of cognitive psychology. isn't it fun!!!      

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a basic surviving skill learnt

well, the very basic surviving skill should be what???

i recently took a intense first aid course. for three consecutives nights from half past six to ten in the evening after a tiring day in school, its really a very stressful course. lucky for me, the instructor is an experienced pharamedict, he took up by theroy what we should do and by practice what we could do...

about first aid course... the most interesting part is the cpr - cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, best known as the kiss of life...

when th...Read more

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my bad experience in Bangkok

to start off it was a long waited holiday for me... been looking forward to it.  bangkok... here i come...

the things there are cheap, much cheaper than in Singapore, but however, the living standard there is not so well...

the first is staying at a 3 star hotel... let me advice you, if anyone should want to stay in a 3 stars hotel, make s...Read more

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effects of family violence and interventions in Singapore

Running head: EFFECTS AND INTERVENTIONS FOR FAMILY VIOLENCE. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /













PSY207 TMA02: Family violence with its effects and interventions

Siew Mun Choy



Effects and interventions for family violence.

According to a report by National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Health ef...Read more

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another write up on social cognitive theory

Running head: SOCIAL COGNITIVE THEORY: LEARNING AND DEVELOPEMNT prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /












PSY 207 TMA01: Social cognitive theory: learning and development and its criticism

Siew Mun Choy










How learning and development t...Read more

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i actually lost my copy of the original of this essay. this one is the marked copy of my essay.

so whoever read this can have a feel of how a marked essay at degree level looked like...

Running head: Kohlberg’s theory of moral developmentprefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /








PSY255: Principles of Learning TMA01

Siew Mun Choy

TMA01 for Principles of Learning: Kohlberg’s theory of ...Read more

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Social cognitive theory

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PSY 255 TMA02: SCT – differences from Behaviourism and its criticisms

Siew Mun Choy

PI No: J0901753






Social Cognitive Theory and its difference from Behaviourism

After Mary saw her idol’s performance; she practices the dance step...Read more

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my birthday

ya, its another year has gone by and reflecting on it...

i have achieved a salary stastifation, well of course it could go higher,,,

that is the biggest achievement i have made this year, which i have to change job to achieve.

the other achievement is well, i have completed part of my degree course in psychology and still have more to move on with...

the things i failed to do:

learn to swim, slime down, stress out with financial problems...

what i wish for the coming year...

achieve better r...Read more

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the christmas song that i like best

to everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS !



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distinction for my written assingment

for this assignment, i would never expect to get a distinction grade cause the lecturer is very strict with his marking and his test is not an easy one.

it sure is a surprise result and good news for me since it has been a while to have anything that is good to happen for me.

this written assignment was posted out earlier under application of REBT to an episode in my life.

well who say there is no reward for all the suffereing, at least from my misery, i got a distinction grade out of ihe experien...Read more

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