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London live: Jay-Z and Erykah Badu

Yo, I just got back from a week in London. Had the good fortune to be there while Jay-Z was in town - he headlined Glastonbury of course, and also played a show a few days ago at Hyde Park, which I checked out. It was off the hook as you might expect - Hov had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

What impressed me most - as a true anorak - was the quality of the lighting and the sound. The videos below don't do them full justice, but give you some idea of the crowd response.

Video: Read more

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The Ruler's Free

Yo, I missed this a few days ago. The Ruler is free! Slick Rick, the rapper who made gold jewellery (and eye-patches) dope finally got pardoned.by the New York governor. After reading this, I started looking for some old Slick Rick videos on YouTube and found this. Man, this is some crazy ish.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/eRC4ziQpb5I&hl=en

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New heat: Get Nice

Yo, I put a new track up on the page - I've been so slack about blogging lately but figured I should at least try and spread a little love because it's been such a rough week for people in China and Burma.

It ain't brand new but it's one of the ones I like quite a lot from last year. So listen to 'Get Nice' and see how you feel. Big shout to my man GS for hooking the mix up. Peace.

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Emcees out there

Man, I gotta say I’m pretty amazed by how many rappers there are in HK these days. I remember when there were like, um, two. But now it's like everybody wanna emcee... It's all good - should make it easier for even more emcees to come through. Soon we can maybe form a union or something...

I caught up with Leo37 earlier today – he’s a Canadian Chinese rapper who’s coming by HK soon to play Underground 54 at Cixi soon. And I thought one thing he said was pretty intere...Read more

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For G.O.D's sake

Yo, I know it's a bit late since that bombastic 24 Herbs launch concert at Delay No Mall, but I wanted to talk a little about the mall itself.

Or about Douglas Young - the G.O.D founder who seems to enjoy getting into trouble with the law. A few months ago dude got banged up because of some T-shirts that may have broken some laws about representing triads. I'd had the opportunity to interview him not long before that, so managed to contact him soon after his arrest. He was, as usual, pretty cool about the whole thing - a...Read more

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Back for the 1st time

Yo, so I finally made it back to HK for the start of 2008, after spending 3 weeks in India. It was an interesting trip. Spent some time in the cities of South India and also went up into the hills.

Rap music is getting big in India - a lot of Bollywood tracks now come with 8 bars of rapping in the middle so I'm thinking of learning Hindi and getting in some of that action. Actually whi...Read more

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