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Blog: Sunday, Jul 12

'Lord I Give You My Heart'This is my desire

To honor you

Lord with all my heart

I worship you

All that is within me

I give you praise

All that i adore

Is in you

Lord i give you my heart

I give you my soul

I live for you alone

Every breath that i take

Moment I'm awake

Lord have your way in me

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Blog: Sunday, Jul 12

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Blog: Thursday, Jan 29

'mEet Us hEre '

Lord we have come to this place

where we love to sing your phrases

we lift our hearts and our hands

to the king off all the ages,

'here us Lord we pray'

come jesus come' come to this place

meet us here,meet us here Lord

we our few born we our strong

when you surround us,

'mEet Us hEre'

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Blog: Wednesday, Jan 28

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gzp764KXWq0

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Blog: Wednesday, Jan 28

beLieviNg thAt trUe L0ve wAits'i mAke a cOmmitMent tO GOD,mY fAmiLy,mY frieNds aNd tO mY seLf'add mE Up wUjHeNhA0@yahoo.com thAnks'

vAnNeSs wU Orig.

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January 24, 2009