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Video: http:///www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7dVWT-8EHMtouched our hearts

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Kung Fu Chefs

Went  to  watch  KFC  yesterday  with  my  friends

Overall  of  the  movie... the  storyline  was  ok  but  too  short... just  an  hour-half

Anyway,  i  thought  the  storyline  was  better  then  "Kung  Fu  Wu  Di"... Van Ness  was  really  funny  and  cute  in  the  movie...especially  in  tasting food parts

Love  the  closing  song  so much... u know  why???   guess...

Yes! bingo! The  song  was  sang  by  our  lovely  king  "Vdubb"... Vann  sou...Read more

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take a rest

i haven't been here for a long time

it's time i've got to go on a diet after eat so much delicious food

famous seremban siew pow

my favourite seafood

creamy crab Read more

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Welcome Zhang ZChen 张智成

Go! Go! Go!

Come to support  ZChen...

http://www.alivenotdead.com/princezzz Video: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=bRVTFDN_7ls&feature=related

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Memories of the past

Look what i' ve found when i clean up bedroom...

this is magazine interview when he came to Malaysia for "2002 Body Will Sing  promo "

This music box was a present from Msia fans...she ascend into heaven...because of cancer...

Read more

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Happy Teacher's Day

Teachers’ Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of  teachers.

In Malaysia, we celebrate Teacher's Day on the 16th of May every year.

so today is a beautiful day to celebrate the day for Teachers

Wishing all the teachers a very Happy Teacher's Day!!!

It is a noble profession since the dawn of human civilisation and without you,

there is no continuity of human knowledge as we have today.

Thank you!

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張棟樑 Nicholas Teo ‘From Now On’ Live In Malaysia

Nicholas  Teo “FROM NOW ON” Live in Malaysia” will be held on 29th March 2008, 8pm, at PUTRA Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

RM280, RM260 n RM200 ticket was completely sold out...wow...that's power of  Prince

n his MV showing on Astro everyday...every chinese channel...omg... hard promo Read more

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Wish To See You Again

still on holidays now~ spend a lot  of time on a drama "Wish To See You Again"

i hope i can see Leo soon...

Xu Le vs Leo>>>tennis fighting wow~big hug ...Read more

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Saturday Morning

It's very chilly today...It rained hard last9. I couldn't sleep a wink all night.

Recently busily engaged on a new project n try 2 give all one's spare time 2 study...

yup..i can't pass an exam without preparation..so..wat can i do is STUDY HARD

all this bullshi* things made me suffer from stress...however...i'm optimist...

so...try 2 be more positive in dealing with the problem.

1 way i releas...Read more

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