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  • Fashion Three Musketeers debut Samax SM-HD205 high-fidelity headphones.

    Friday, Aug 10, 2012 9:29AM / News / headphones / Members only

    Fashion Three Musketeers debut Samax SM-HD205 high-fidelity headphones.

    Earplugs in a noisy environment has been difficult to play their own level, beats by dre for cheapso you need to choose a headset headphones, can guarantee you all the time high-quality music to enjoy. Fashion modeling, together with the huge voice unit, whether it is noisy on the street or a quiet library, beautiful Samax SM-HD205 can meet your requirements.

    The Samax the SM-HD205 black, pink, white and three colors, cheap beats headphoneslight plastic material can also reduce the weight of the user's shell paint technology to make the beauty of the entire headset to be enhanced. 30mm oversized voice unit, sound performance can certainly do the job. The egg-shaped appearance closer to the human ear, with thick sponge designed this way to maximize the limit the discomfort of headphones on head oppressed to users.

    The Samax SM-HD205 parameters is also a major highlight of the headphone frequency response of 18-20,000 Hz, the data close to the perceived magnitude of the ears to the sound. The sensitivity of the SM-HD205 reach 116db, an impedance of 32Ω, to ensure the perfect performance of the sound, the details of the sound field can be accurately in place. The Samax also design the length of 1.2m, so consider to solve the security problems of the wire when the user.

    27 in. IPS score screen HKC T7000 display

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    By virtue of the industrial design to an Apple display with the display got a lot of professional-level mapping of people of all ages, has been the representative of the high-end display, but more than 7000 yuan price is not the average person can afford. In such circumstances, of HKC's first IPS monitor T7000 stunning debut, the Apple display 27-inch 2560x1440 resolution IPS panel, has also joined Apple does not have many interfaces, but the price is 2199 yuan, cheaper than the Apple monitor and more.

    From the point of view the parameters, HKC T7000 27 in. IPS wide viewing angle panel to look forward to viewing angle and color performance. While using professional-grade base, lifting the rotation to meet the needs of most users. With the most comprehensive interface, suitable connections are a variety of devices. From the current parameters of the details, HKC T7000 at the same price, not an adversary.

    ASUS PA Series carry the tripod with USB3.0 PA248Q global

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    USB3.0 SuperSpeedUSB, while maintaining compatibility with USB2.0 greatly improved bandwidth, to achieve better power management, enabling the host to provide more power, the faster identification of the device, so that the efficiency of data processing better. This allows equipped with a USB3.0 device with a better operating experience and a broader platform compatible, and we are going to know this ASUS PA248Q professional display for the world's first support USB3.0.

    ASUS PA Series LCD monitors has been committed to the professional services in the field, photographers, video studio, graphic designers and other professionals as the target audience, so PA248Q the configuration of the powerful: A + grade IPS panels, 1920 × 1200 HD resolution, the extremely accurate color reproduction capability (ΔE <5), which means that even if the image has a very small amount of distortion is also distinguished by the naked eye does not come out. At the same time PA248Q extra-wide viewing angle (178 ° / 178 °), 24-inch 16:10 screen with ultra-fast response time - 6ms (GTG), amazing dynamic contrast - 80,000,000:1 images at any angle, any moment seemed full of vivid, real fresh.

    Order to meet the hardware requirements while creating a better user experience, ASUS PA248Q body be free to lift rotate, adjust the screen angle of depression from +20 ° to -5 °, and in the screen frame, the base of turntable and screen bracket junction dial engraved with the scale, to ensure that users can display accurate adjustment to the best location. Its unique the QuickFit a key layout more user-friendly with the easiest operation to achieve the true size of photos and documents on the screen preview, multi-standard PIP, dual-screen technology can switch freely, not only to facilitate the professional users in the drawing provide a great convenience to compare the operation, but also movie and game entertainment. Shortcuts centralized user with one hand arranged in the box on the right lower part of the centralized operation.

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