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"Modul8 2.6 Beta testing" posted on Modul8 official website blog

MODUL8 IS A REVOLUTIONARY MACOS X APPLICATION DESIGNED FOR REAL TIME VIDEO MIXING AND COMPOSITING. IT HAS BEEN DESIGNED FOR VJS AND LIVE PERFORMERS.###I ve done a Dome Test of Modul8 2.6 Beta when they launch on september, know it from frds today, they've post my video on there official Blog. ah......



VJ DONKIE MODUL8 2.6 BETA TEST, PLAY, VJINGfromvjdonkieonVimeo.

Never heard of this person before but quite obvious are two things: First that he did not waste any time and was probably the first person to upload a video that used the new beta and the second is that he has a special affection for the modul8 interface.Labels:Beta,v2.6,video

posted by ilan katin @ Tuesday, September 15, 2009 

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