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est. 0434 hrs...


husband and i were playing with son at the park

our doggie (looking very much like lassie) suddenly got agitated with my husband, and i told my husband to be nicer to doggie.

husband told me he's meeting up some friends, of what reason me cant remember, and that he's not able to bring our son to activity class in the evening next week. i was kinda unhappy about it and started complaining how much stuffs i needa attend to and sacrifices made for our son.. asking why he cant do the same.. but things somehow changed such that i felt bad, and agreed to let him go... wanting him to enjoy himself.


mom was admitted to the hospital

sis (mere her presence, i didnt see her to be exact) and i rushed to the hospital.

the nurse at the reception told us the ward she's in.. pointing at the direction to us.. however, the ward room beside my mom's caught my attention.. i got scared mere looking at the closed door..

i went to call my husband.. my sis gave me the mobile phone number to call.. i dialled and a young man answered, he told me that i've gotten the wrong number.. i tried again.. and was still wrong... i turned around and unexpectedly saw a young man standing at the door of the ward next to my mom's. he was looking at me.. or maybe us.. with a grin. when our eyes contacted, he slowly closed the door... smirking away..........

i totally freaked out and ran to my mom. i jumped into her bed, keeping close to her, and covered us with the blanket. i called to my mom telling her there is 'something', but she didnt seem to her me. i desperately trying to wake her up but she just continued to sleep soundly.


suddenly someone opened the blanket, and a young beautiful lady was right there.. with a blink of eye, her face had piles all over... her skin looked kinda burnt.. her eyes were filled with rage. she was confronting her boyfriend/ husband when he treated her that way (i.. my presence.. stood there witnessing it). her friend stepped in and she finally came to realised that they both had betrayed her...


back home, i told mom about the phone incident and the young man at the hospital... mom asked if i remembered AH told her that 'something' been following me... she said that could be him..........


i dont know.. seems like not is the first time that i have dreamt about the young man at the hospital and the last bit. i have a bad feeling about it. something is just not right. i maybe reading into it too much... im seeing the faces again the moment i close my eyes... im very disturbed and tired now.. vast amounts of fear in me for no reason... or maybe, an unknown reason to-date.......... keeping fingers crossed that im totally wrong about this.. and all is and will be going fine..........

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So you have disturbing dreams often? I did too, till my doctor told me it is a classic symptom of sleep apnea--a condition where one stops breathing while sleeping and the body does things to wake you up. I sleep on my side now, with a pillow in my back so I can't roll. I hope your bad dreams are fixed as easily as mine :)
almost 12 years ago
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i hope so too...*crosses fingers* hope this isnt true to life n its just april fool's. =)hehehe
almost 12 years ago
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that's creepy I hope you can get to the bottom of it *hugs*
almost 12 years ago
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hmm that is strange.. maybe it's trying to tell you something.. Or maybe it's nothing at all.. Don't think too much
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It's a dream?! Really scary. Just keep busy and ignore the dream, don't think of it.
almost 12 years ago
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can i help you ?
almost 12 years ago
is daunting.. but trust is just in the mind, and mine to fight it off... many thanks! everyone.. HUGs..
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