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blogthings .. again ! .. haa !

i just soo LOVE ! personality tests ..


Your Life Will Be Calm in Ten Years

You're the type of person who takes things as they come, and you do your best not to worry.

You know that there's a lot in this world that you can't change - and you're not about to try to change it.

You are confident and content. You don't feel like you need to push too hard. Try to break out of your comfort zone every now and then, though. Have an adventure! You are risking complacency.

What Will Your Life Be Like in Ten Years?




You Are Flexible

You believe that wherever you go, there you are. And you are able to be anywhere. You can easily adapt to changing situations - in fact, you think a little change does you good.

You are incredibly observant, and because of this, you are very wise. You have an impressive memory. You are a very visual person. You never forget a face or a scene.

The Pasture Test





Your Happy Word is "Hope"

You refuse to give up on anyone, including yourself. You see the best in others. You think happiness should be shared. You spread your message of optimism as much as possible.

You will keep believing when everyone else has stopped. You think good will always prevail in the end. You believe if we trusted each other more, the world would be a better place. All we need is a little hope.

What's Your Happy Word?




Your Creative Power is Your Logic

You're the type of person who is great at execution. You don't just dream about ideas - you make them happen! You are idealistic and determined, but you are also a realist. You only undertake projects you're pretty sure you can finish.

You are a natural problem solver, and you actually think better when you're being challenged.

You do best when you work by yourself or when you're in charge. You ideas are big, dramatic, and the best.

What's Your Creative Power?





You Are a Basic Black Coffee Drinker

You are low maintenance, humble, and true to yourself. It's hard for you to get excited about the great next new thing, because it's usually not that new or that great.

You are logical and responsible. You do what needs to be done, and you don't get swept away by your emotions. You think it's important to be reliable. You wish people were as steady as you are.

The Coffee Oracle





You Are an Organized Worker

You are a very personally expressive person, especially outside of work. Your individuality matters to you.

You draw a lot of inspiration and energy from the outside world. You get bored easily if you spend too much time alone.

You are confident and competent. You tend to not make mistakes, and you trust your judgment.

You are down to earth and practical. You achieve success one step at a time, by paying attention to details.

What Does Your Desk Say About You?




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hope year 2010 has started off smoove ! for you .. been real ! long since i last pop by .. but have never forgotten you here this whole while .. i wanna dedicate this blog


Wishing You All @ AnD and Your Love Ones

Healthy and Happy Every Very Day !

Have a Tigerlicious 2010 !! .. Peace !


vivo          vivo          vivo          vivo          vivo          vivo          vivo          vivo         


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fri 13 ..


hope everythings gonna be just okie ! ... aint feelin so ryt today .. two hours more till midnight .. ... .....


geekie !? .. im ..

You Are a Geek


You love to learn, especially when it's about technology. No subject is too obscure for you. You enjoy tinkering with things to see how they work. You aren't a traditional learner either... you need to hack around to figure things out.

You may have the brains to be a super rich Silicon Valley geek, but you're truly content to have your own favorite projects, subjects, and toys.

For you, being a geek is not about the glory. It's about a love of digging deep and truly understanding the world.

What's Your Stereotype?

Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones



dilemma ; to postpone or not ?? .. dec'09 , or aft 14feb'10 ?? .. arghhh !!


26dec'09 ; ..........


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a documentary film that depicts a hunt and massacre of dolphins in Taiji, Japan… every September marks the start of the slaughterous acts, where thousands of dolphins are captured annually. few of these intelligent beings are sold to dolphinariums, sea parks, etcs.. while the rests are lacerated and killed by the fishermen for their meat, which are in fact unsafe for consumption... it was poignant watching the whole film, and the scene where (spoiler alert !) a severely injured baby dolphin trying to escape was utterly haunting ! … 




myself is no true activist in particular.. but feels the need to do what is within my means to help raise awareness on this egregious activity, through this blog post that is………. hope it will be stopped for good soon enough ! …


to support and find out more .. goto:


How Filmmakers Used Spy Tech to Catch Dolphin Slaughter

Activist against dolphin slaughter visits Taiji to show its nice side


RESPECT ! to all whom had played a part in putting this film together.. and THANKS ! toUTT for the chance to catch the screening of The Cove.

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Stuck in Moi head ..


Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson: "Relator"

The Break Up Album


When I met you,

I didn't know what to do. I was tired,

I was hungry,

I fight.


Now I'm away,

I write home everyday and I see you on the TV at night.


You can see that life's for us to talk about.

You can leave whenever you want out.


You don't relate to me,

no girl,

you don't respect to me,

no girl,

no girl. Oh yeah.

When I met you,

I didn't know what to do,

but I noticed that I didn't really feel.

Now you're away,

you write home everyday. I don't beg,

I don't borrow,

I steal.


You don't think that life's for us to talk about.

You can leave whenever you want out,

you want out. Well,

you don't relate to me,

no girl. You don't respect me,

no girl. (you can leave when ever you want out)

And you don't relate to me,

no girl. And you don't respect me,

no girl. (You can leave whenever you want out)

No you don't relate to me,

no girl. And you don't respect me,

no girl. No girl. Yeah.


viaPete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson: Relator@Yahoo! Video

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byAlex Mikic

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Half Flower

little did i know.. sad stories has it for this cute lil flower..........

Botanical Name: Scaevola sericea.

Scaevola sericea is sometimes called half-flower. Naupaka blossoms are not incomplete, they appear to be only half a flower because all the petals are on one side. The flowers are white or cream colored, often with purple streaks.They have an irregular shape with all all five petals on one side of the flower making them appear to have been torn in half.

There are two types of naupaka. Mountain naupaka evolved from beach naupaka. Beach naupaka is indigenous to Hawaii and throughout the tropical and subtropical zones of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

There are several Hawaiian legends that tell the origin of the beach and mountain forms of naupaka, both of which produce these unusual half-flowers.

  • The Legend of Naupaka -

In one version:

A princess was forbidden to marry her true love, a fisherman, because he was a commoner. As they parted ways forever, she tore a flower in half, giving one half to him and keeping the other half for herself. She then returned to the mountains where her family lived. Broken-hearted, they both cried and planted their halves of the flower. Each half grew and became the two forms of naupaka – the beach naupaka (naupaka kahakai) and the mountain naupaka (naupaka kuahiwi).

Another version:

It is said that two lovers, greatly devoted to each other, came to the attention of Goddess Pele - the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes. Pele found the young man desirable and appeared before him as a beautiful stranger. But no matter what Pele did the lovers remained devoted to each other.

Angered, Pele chased the young man into the mountains, throwing molten lava at him. Pele's sisters witnessed this and to save the young man from a certain death they changed him into the mountain Naupaka. Pele immediately went after the young woman and chased her towards the sea - but again Pele's sisters stepped in and changed the young lover into beach Naupaka.

It is said that if the mountain Naupaka and beach Naupaka flowers are reunited, the two young lovers will be together again. ############## COMMENTS


credits/ via:EINDZEL @

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Mon Eisley Cantina Song

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Think Family '09/ '08

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