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Points That Turn

There are only 3 things to be done with a woman.You can love her, suffer for her or turn her into literature.~ Lawrence Durrell ~In my case, I would rather be turned into a song.~*~Countless pairs of shoes, books stacked up high upon the wall and drawers filled with make-up don't mean anything anymore when you see life's turning point peeking at you from a corner in the horizon.Or at least, you think it's a turning point.Some say coincidence, I say the possible beginning of a new journey.I need to leave, or I will wilt.Read more

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Spielberg's One-Time 'Neighbor'

I love music and I love to read, so whenever I go out alone, I always have my iPod headphones in my ears, and a book stashed in my bag. But I admit that one other reason why I carry them around is to avoid awkward conversations with strangers. I mean, I'm not exactly anti-social by nature. If a passer-by wanted to ask for directions, I'd definitely take those headphones off and help them the best I could. And I really don't mind talking to the person next to me during a long bus ride or when we're i...Read more

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Let's Run Away

it is on days like these(which is rather often, mind you)that i would want nothing more than torun awayfar, far, far awayfrom the superficialityfrom the mundanity from thisplacethe only problem is...i don't know where to run to.....does anyone want to take me in?

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current obsession:

kinbaku-bi and the art of shibari

~*~and behold...

the first rainbow i saw ever since i moved here 9 months ago.

has itreallybeen 9 months already?

le sigh. so pretty though.


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goodbye kisses & 24 of me

crushed pink petals

 and a subtle whiff of peppermint marshmallows

laced with the bitter aftertaste

of last night's poorly brewed coffee

that's how goodbye kisses should taste like

on my gloss-stained lips

~*~So let's say I could line up all 24 of me from all the years that I am alive, I would take the naivety of a 15 year-old-me, the faith of a 17-year-old me and the passion of a 22 year-old-me, and stuff them all into the soul of the 24-year-old me now.

Then,...Read more

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This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you

loneliness makes people do strange, strange things.

like, fall in love with people you shouldn't be falling in love with.

which somehow brings out the ugly desperation hiding underneath all that pulsating mounds of flesh.

and they do strange, horrible, unspeakable things to attain what they desire.


why can't everyone just be assigned a soulmate on the spot and that's that? why do they have to go through the wrong ones to find the right one?

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Is it just me, or are most of what's said at the Grammy's (speeches excluded) written?

The weekend went by too fast, and it's not fair.

I want to watch Gran Torino, Forever Enthralled and New York I Love You.


My body aches. I'm hungry but I don't know what to eat. My heart is chaffed again, but I knew that was coming.

The inability to string coherent ...Read more

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'Dear Little Runaway' - revisited

You spend your whole life running away.You spend your years searching for a place to belong, stopping here and there…hoping you’d find what you’ve been looking for.

But you never do. And when you don’t, you tell yourself that it’s somewhere else, and you embark on yet another journey.

It’s a neverending process, this search of yours.

You are never content, and when you get a little too comfortable in one place, you fear it will keep you there forever. And so you tell yourself that it’s not wha...Read more

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**Make a list of 5 things you can’t live without

  • make up
  • my passport
  • money -** flip flops
  • bed What was the last film you saw at the movies?Red Cliff part 2, and i loved it!What's your current random/obsession/addiction?sky-high heels from gojane.com.What was the last thing you ate today?steamed buns.What was the last text message you received?'so not' - from a friend when i told her that michael castro was so hot.What was the last thing you bought?a black jewellery stand in the shape of a long, fem...Read more
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mr a z

jason mraz is a musical genius.

and i'm going to see him in march!

i. cannot. freaking. wait.

you don't know me but i know you you're my favorite star

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因為陌生所以勇敢 因為距離所以美麗 ~*~ In the existence of your love, I have become non-existent The non-existence linked to you, is better than all existence


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