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maybe next time he'll think before he cheats

So I had a very interesting conversation with a friend on MSN today. And all because of a quote.  Anyway, below is the edited (took out referential names, unimportant details and re-typed most of it in proper English because I'm anal that way) excerpt from our chat...you'll pretty much get the gist of it.Me: Babe check this out - To get a husband is an art, to keep a husband is a job.Her: Hahahahaha. Where did you get that from?Me: On my igoogle feed! Damn true, right? Her: Yes...keeping a husband is h...Read more

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the airport story

10.45pm // late night train ridesthe emptiness of a train carriage pretty much soothes the soul in a strange, melancholic way. to my right, i see a young couple showing very obvious affection. hugging, playing with each other's hair, touching each other's noses. to my left, a much older couple sits quietly. both with their eyes closed...not asleep...but simply enjoying each other's company in peace. how romantic. while i sat alone in the middle, basking in the two different stages of love, and thinking of someone. 11:30pm // (wa...Read more

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Do it safely

One biopsy, one blood test and several hundred dollars down the drain later, the doctors still have no idea on what the hell is wrong with my feet. I did, however, find out that I am mildly anaemic.So now I am loading on the steroid creams and in rampant  search of a trustworthy traditional chinese medicine doctor to stick some pins or rub some stinky herbal ointment on these wannabe bruises. The good thing is, no one else notices until I point them out. So, yay for now?Oh, and I stumbled upon this ingenious poem:Afterwards, from oneor both of y...Read more

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Aunt Daniela's Story - Part 1

When words elude me, I borrow to express. Remember Aunt Daniela? ~~Aunt Daniela fell in love the way intelligent women always fall in love: like an idiot. She had seen him one morning, his gait serene, his shoulders puffed with pride. She thought: This man thinks he's God. (The arrogant bastards always attract attention. Nice guys, take note)But a short while after hearing him tell stories about unknown worlds and strange passions, she fell in love with him and his arms.(But of course, it has to be the arms)She was ...Read more

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But to you, it was just a fairytale

How does one drown beautifully?In love, of course.The best drug to be addicted to?Love.What keeps you drunk without a hangover?A single shot of love on the rocks.~*~All those in love are complete, absolute, downright fools.So even if hearts have to be broken, we should go all out and make them shatter into a million beautiful pieces.Because it will always be worth it in the end.=)

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how beautiful

...it was a night so far from sorrow that no once could have imagined it as the beginning of the slightest misfortune. ~ Angeles Mastretta~*~Because people always want what they can't have.And neglect what is already within their grasp.The beauty of the elusive.The plainness of the possessed.In the end, we all know hearts will be brokenshatteredpounded.How beautiful.

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Heartless, is your name

I caught the last 45 minutes of this film today.I need to watch the whole thing again. And again. And again.And again.Isn't it odd how when you keep repeating a certain word, it will start looking alien to you?I shall now let the song haunt me to sleep. 

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the week that was

Realizations of the week:1. I miss being a workaholic but I don't miss working at home. 2. I am spending way too much money on skin doctors lately, and every time I bring that up in a conversation, it sounds as though I have some major skin disease or something. I don't. Well, nothing you can see with the naked eye anyway. Ha.3. I can no longer get by without lunch or dinner without waking up the next day feeling shitty and nauseous. Crap, I'm definitely getting older.4. Walking under the 3pm sun with the wind ruffling your hair...Read more

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i want. a time machine.

How ridiculous can a show get when the host believes that 'we will create amazing mammaries at a certain world-class event'? Did it not come across anybody's mind to give her pronunciation lessons before throwing her in front of the camera? Oh God. I won't even go into the show content. Absolute rubbish. And guess who has to somehow make it look like it's one hell of an incredible, not-to-be-missed series?That aside, it's a 4-day week, I'm getting paid soon, I need to shop for a whole load of things and I ...Read more

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Currently trawling the web for random things to get my mind off tomorrow's doc appointment.I want this Dali-inspired clock.Isn't it just soooo eclectic? I'm loving this Fernando Vicente art too. So disturbingly gorgeous. Read more

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因為陌生所以勇敢 因為距離所以美麗 ~*~ In the existence of your love, I have become non-existent The non-existence linked to you, is better than all existence

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