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What's for dinner?

This is dinner.

Arugula leaves.


Sun dried tomatoes.

On top of rye crispbread.

This marks my discovery of Photoshop actions.

Also enjoying a serving of creamy, soothing jazz music

With lots of crush...Read more

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It's been forever since I've posted, and I credit this lack of inspiration to the gloomy Singapore weather.

Okay, well, not really. It's just an excuse for the lack of inspiration and not pushing myself enough to do anything about it.

But all has been quiet and calm in life.

Except for the fact that I have caved in to the one thing I swore NEVER EVER to fall victim to.


I went and got myself a Twitter account.

You know, I used to wonder why people would bother telling the world about...Read more

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What's your last name?


Ah, you must be Bruce Lee's long-lost daughter.

Are some men seriously unaware that the above is the lamest pick-up line/compliment in history?

It's an insult.

To both the girl AND Bruce Lee.

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The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference.


Current Lusts:

Ardell lashes

Sugarpill make up range

Laura Izibor

nail polish in vintage sweater

barely ripe nectarines

A Spy In The House of Love

frozen yogurt



bus rides in a dazekelp chips

radio on iTunes

nude smudged lipstickrainbows

island getaway

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The shoes are taking over the world

The shoes are gonna take over the world while you sleep

What do you do when you can't seem to write anymore?

You go into an indefinite hiatus.

And you blame the loss of inspiration on anything but yourself.

Oh, the tragedy.

Life has been moving slowly but surely. Goals have yet to be met, but if goals were met, then there wouldn't be a p...Read more

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My First Time

Everyone has a first time in everything.

First kiss, first pet, first love, first car, first heartache, first job, first international award.

Not sure if anyone's heard of the New York Festivals, but it's basically an international awards ceremony that recognizes the best in all things film and TV.

<...Read more
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achieving clarity

The past few weeks, or months even, have been rather tumultuous. One tends to get sucked into vices, greed, materialism and darkness when one is at his or her weakest. And for some strange reason, I was weak., though, which is a good thing.Clarity may still be quite a distance away, but each day is a new day and as long as I keep trying, I will get there. Somehow.Must get back on track, even if it means taking the long way out. Revelations aside, I am covering an Audi fashion competition next week and I have absolutely NO idea what to wear....Read more

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Fynette flies

Missing someone gets easier everyday And I am indeed justone day closer.

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blue skies

Feelin' beachy.Oh hello, Monday.You're a tad early. 

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The Heart

Such is the elusiveness yet unparalleled beauty of love. If only our foolish selves could fully comprehend the true meaning of this universal mystery.Yet too often, we are engulfed by the insanely hungry need to know why love left, why love never grew, why love died - to truly understand that it is but just a gift which has its own life and freedom. I have spent many nights in the past pining for love, crying for love and yes, even falling deeply in love. When it arrives, it scares me to death. When it stays, it brings unspeakable joy into my life....Read more

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因為陌生所以勇敢 因為距離所以美麗 ~*~ In the existence of your love, I have become non-existent The non-existence linked to you, is better than all existence


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June 25, 2008