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Hmm this new fb feature acknowledges the finals. Dope. Warriors in 6

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One of those days.

I'm back. It's been way too long since I've written about my life. Well, why do I come back today? I actually don't know who to talk to about this girl I like. She knows I like her but the problem is she can't leave her past to the past. It doesn't seem like things are going to progress, which is very very unfortunate. 

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Watch out for your eyes and face. Selfies with cats are very...very...difficult..but I did it with this pissed off one. Oh and faceswap doesn't work with cats. I tried.


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I love basketball. I love Raptors. This game is insane. I'm gonna cry if the north brings us the finals. #wethenorth

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running after dog on the highway..........fml... angry AF chaotic traffic.........police came by, stopped, looked, and left...

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why raptors...why

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Apple Store in Asia.. is there an iPhone 7 or what.

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Repping 604/416. Let it begin.

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Elvis just had a concert here. Sorry the mic was broken but his voice was not.

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Thank you for the wonderful gifts and farewell. And yes I do have the greatest receptionist hands down!!! William Cheung Jen Hodgson Lily Melania Amparro Hi'ileimealoha Caputo

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