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All's Well that Ends Well!|家有囍事2009!|家有囍事2009!

Hi Everyone,

I want to let everyone know about my new film "All's Well That Well 2009" ("家有囍事2009")  it opens in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore next week.   

Please take a look at the official website of the film here:

There are some interesting videos and information about the film.

Here's a few behind the scenes pictures from the movie:

Going over the script with Raymond Wong, Sandra Ng and Louis Koo

With Ronald Cheung

Thanks everyone!






















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Enough Work Episode 1

Last 4 months been busy, exhausting, colourful and satisfying.

2 big jobs.

  1. To be film director again.

  2. Work as host for Beijing Olympic for ATV.

So, in order to prepare myself, having a refreshing mind, I went for a holiday to Europe, to visit places I never been before.  Wut a good Excuse right?

First of all, Finland Helsinki. White night, only 3 hours of darkness, not even totally dark, sky was so clear and always shed a light, cool and dry , much much more comfortable than the steam room like heat in HK.




Wut I heard was the girls in Helsinki is rank no.1 pretty in the world, I tell you it's true but until I arrived Estonia, I found the girls there are astonishing, so pretty, almost every single one I met on the street is pretty, I just spent most of my time standing in the street watching and watching, no photo taken thou, all saved in my mind.

The old city scene is beautiful too.

And the sky in Estonia is such ... so .... "sky " ,blue and white and clean, even smell good, just doing nothing standing or sitting in the sun is the best, with a drink, even better.  I took a picture of the sky and sent to my friends, the title is "I can just come for the sky".

Just 1 hour ferry from Helsinki, very very worthwhile to pay a visit.






Then, the city I always wanna go.......... Amsterdam.

I always wanna goto Van Gogh Museum by bicycle, did it, Van Gogh is great, like him much since we both named Vincent. 

And I enjoyed a very Van Gogh hot dog outside of  the museum 



Then,  Belgium, Antwerp.  The city is a bit old but some very famous world top fashion designers flagship shops there.  Waffle and Chocolate are good thou.


Final stop is Rotterdam, and the main reason of the trip, witness the Red Bull Air Fight, it was stunning and energetic.



Time flies, almost 20 days of clean air, good food, lots of sunshine, walking and cycling, good quality of sleep with no air-conditioned, 100% freedom and human right, I was fully refreshed and recharged, so ready to work and take any challenge.

Will talk about my work in coming issue, stay tune.


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Back to Business

Hi Hi Everybody,

It's been a long long while, now back to business.

Chinese New Year holiday's GREAT!!!

Went to Thailand with my friends families, friends, sunshine, sea, laughters, food, fresh juice, big big breakfast buffet, and FUN!!!!!!!!!!



Then shift from hot to cold, we went to ski in Japan, it's always wonderful to breath in the cool and fresh air and have a can of hot corn soup at the top of snow mountain, it tells me to work hard in the coming year so that I can go sking again the next year.  My sking skills actually improve a bit but I fell on the solid icy land at my last ride and my back is still kinda sore now.


Of course good food, we explored some local restaurants and found some seafood which never seen before, we dun speak Japanese so we only used our fingers to point this and that, we ate a lot, most were very very delicious, some were............ new thou.

Update my work a bit.

Cable TV Food Show is done.  Lots of hard work and lots of good memory, thx to the professional crew that work together, they are good!  Hopefully we'll do that again in the future.

To those who read my articles in Apple Daily, I now no more writing there but shift to write for magazine and newspaper in mainland China, my wish of 2008 is to explore more opportunities in China.

Now busy working on the pre-production of my new movie project, it's a comedy, day and night writing the scrīpt, trying hard to make it funny, after 2 years, I have the chance to be director again, it's exciting, I learnt something from working for CJ7 and now the time for me to try them out.

By July, I'll stop everything and focus on the study for Olympics since I'll be the host of Olympics for ATV, very challenging, and there's a good chance to goto Beijing and watch some games live, isn't that fascinating?!!

That's almost what I'm doing now.

How about you guys, having fun and working hard?


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After almost 3 years of work, CJ7 finally makes its premiere, well I won't talk much what's the story about here, go check it out in theatres, public release on 31 Jan, just one hint, this time we target at the tears of the audiences but not the laughters, try to bring a kid or at least a lady to watch with you, they will like it.

Btw, I'm the scrīpt writer and producer of CJ7.

The 2 genius young actors in CJ7, we spent 2 years to find them among few hundreds of kids in China. Btw, they are both girls.

The radio show turns out ok, just waking up in early cold morning is kinda torture, but meeting people told me that they like to listen to my show while going to work makes me a happy man.

The food show is going smooth too, started showing since last Sat, 8pm on cable tv channel 12. 

Eating at a restaurant that specializing in making abalone, the small one I'm holding costs about $5000 HKD and the big one costs more than $100,000, I ate the small one, yummy but expensive, almost $1000 a bite, lucky I don't have to pay for it.

And I'm still looking for foreign ladies who now live in HK know how to cook and speak a bit Chinese, I need the ladies to cook some hometown food in their home for me in my show, so if  you are interested and fulfilling the above mentioned, pls drop me msg. thx.


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Kyoto Trip

THs slogans they put in taxi, meaning smiling face, passionate and good mood.

The very famous golden temple, the temple in GOLD........


Food are good, the Kansai sushi are different from the ones we have in Tokyo.



Ths is the street that you can find GEISHA  walking on the street in the night time, you know, the white powder face women........



      Start woring for early morning radio show for at least a month, gotta wake up at 5 something in the morning every weekdays, specially it's going to be COLD.............Tough....

In order to have better mood for the show, I took a short break and went to Kyoto, a place I've never been but heard a lot of good comments. (See, how good I am to make excuse to throw myself a holiday.)

Experience is really good, the city is peaceful and fill with many historic sites, the Kansai Japanese people are kind and passionate, food are good, and the Kansai young ladies are pretty too, I sholud say more with character compare with tokyo.

Gotta go to bed early and cut my weekdays night life, not only working for radio but also have to shoot for the cable tv food show in the afternoon and work for developing movie scrīpts at night time, so all my friends, if you miss me in the weekdays, pls listen to Commercial Radio FM903, 7-10 am.



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Blog: Sunday, Dec 23

Hey Everybody,

Wish you all have a loving and happy Christmas and New Year, let's put down work and PLAY...........

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Wanted Guest in my TV show

I'm also hosting a TV show for local cable, it'll be released in mid Jan and the shooting is going on right now.

The show is about food, one of the elements is that I'll goto a FOREIGN lady's home, and she  will make me a meal by using her home town receipe and materials, the entire process will be recorded and show on TV after edit.

Since TV show dun pay much, so this thing will be mostly on having fun rather than making money, TV station will pay a bit, but I can tell you, not handsomely.

If you are a foreign lady who now lives in HK for work, school, travel, or married to a HK guy, whatever reason, and you are interested to make appearance with me on a TV show, you are mostly welcome to drop me a few lines.  If you can speak some simple Chinese, that will be awesome.



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Wanted Script Writer

I've been working with some movie projects and I really can use some help.

Looking for creative partners,  need someone who loves movies and drama, like to express him or her self,  good in story telling, experience is not a must, passion counts thou, also sense of  humour is IMPORTANT, I like comedies and I make comedies, I believe funny people write funny things. 

Almost  forgot, gonna need to write in Chinese, so has to know Chinese

Drop me a few lines if interested, can recommend your frds too.



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