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from the hotel in Tysons Corner, VA

Lexington KY, backstage at the woodsongs radio broadcast… met a lovely young lad named ben who sheepishly asked to play marika’s cello, saying, “yeah, i’ve studied a little”… turns out hes going on tour with some guy named bela fleck in his sparrow quartet later this month. besides that, he can play his ass off. here he and dina rip it up to gnarls barkley’s “crazy”.

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and off we go

This tour was an experience like no other. So much work, so much fun. Learned a lot about the bigger world out there, both musically and environmentally/socially. Met some remarkable people, reconnected with others, played for some really outstanding audiences.

I think I am also done with not having a tour manager. Marika, Dina and Alex were saintly in their patience and willingness to help, but the logistics have gotten entirely too complex for four musicians to handle and play shows. And, er, then get up at 7:30 a.m. to help build ho...Read more

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That's me in the middle of the Venn Diagram. http://viennateng.com/

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