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Pics of Dong Lin Temple

I had a trip to Jin Shan Distric with colleagues this weekend and visit the famous temple with a history of about 800 years. But I found that  it's a  real golden and grand temple which was rebuilt in Jin Shan , Shanghai in 2005.

In my view, it's a little commercial. However, the real holy temple should focus more on soul, right?

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love the news, love the teacher, love the king, love the man

Original news report:

F4成员吴建豪海南当老师 欲成立基金会 (海南日报)


On the morning of October. 16th, a special teacher, Vanness Wu, a member of F4( an idol band in Taiwan), came to Dan Mei Primary School, Mei Ting Station, Jin Jiang town, Chen Mai District In Hai Nan. He condole with the children and instructed them lessons as a special envoy of t...Read more

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Our Kind King

        Surprise!!! King updated his blog again just in one day!!! It let me feel grateful to our kind king and mercyful God too much.

        It's a shorter passage, but it shows how  loyal and sweet the guy is . He promotes for his machi's new album, even stick on the Chinese scrīpt at the same time for the first time. wooo, Nicky , u r...Read more

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a shot in the arm

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udOMdtGWJh8

I was completely refreshed by this guy's updated blog.

He said he enjoyed work, then I cannot think of any excuse of hating it now.

He showed his super cool new "razor" , then I was crazily laughed...Read more

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The Essence of Sharing













Happiness is shared, it will be doubled.

Afflic...Read more

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吳神論 The Theory of God Wu--V.DUBB五月上海行回憶





上海萬歲(5/17明星大練冰節目錄製) “吳建豪首場內地個人專輯簽售在上海舉行。”這個天大的好消息,徹底消散了我對香港、日本、韓國......的強烈妒忌。N條喜歡上海的理由...Read more

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Cute thinkers

I feel headache about thinking of the countless complicated business. So I want to search for some pictures which show the pains of thinkers in order to comfort myself with the same suffering of others. However, I found such a lot of fun of thinking. It' s really a harvest out of expectation. OK, since life goes with "pain" like that, let us learn to enjoy the " pain".

Babies' thinking

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White Moonlight

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/FZczBpV6Ytc/  

White moonlight, so bright but so cold and lonely.

There's some place in everyone's heart which he wants to hide. But it is more obvious to show the missing.

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May the Life Perfect like the Round Moon

         It's special for this Mid-autumn Festival., because there is an operation to fiil the hole of her heart today. Then I hurried to the hospital without any presents after work.

         Of course, my kind sister wo...Read more

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Take care of yourself


Take care of your health carefully and keep it well enough in order to take care of the ones u love with all efforts in the future.

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